Kwang Hwee Seah

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"In memory of my late mother, I would like to put what I have learnt to good use in order to raise funds for the children's cancer society."
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Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $6,900.00, Manual pledges - $1,500.00

Shaving Time Slot:
28 July 2019, 2pm - 3pm

Donations in support of Kwang Hwee Seah

Bobby Chin ($100.00)
Not interested to see you botak, but anyways good luck for the fund raising!
MENG HWEE SEAH ($100.00)
For a good cause.
Caroline Ang ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Yoki Lim ($50.00)
Kian Beng Chew ($50.00)
Jessie Ong ($50.00)
Admirable effort!
Chee kiong Yong ($50.00)
Joan Koh ($1,000.00)
God bless you for such a meaningful deed!
Ee Boon Poh ($300.00)
Cmon, soldier, my grandmother can crawl faster than you.
Jerry Chen ($25.00)
Nice to know of the positive things you are doing for the greater good.
Well done, amazing Kwang Hwee!!
Evelyn Woon ($500.00)
Kwang Hwee, thank you for giving us the opportunity to support your courageous effort to bring healing to this group of children. 🙏🏻
Peggy Ong ($50.00)
Great initiative, Kwang Hwee! Great team!
Yi Da Chok ($50.00)
Kudos to Kwang Hwee and team!
Daniel Ng ($298.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Daniel Poh ($100.00)
Well done Kwang Hwee and friends!
Peng Khoon Ngiam ($50.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
Great Job
Hui Xu ($200.00)
YH Saim ($100.00)
Awesome initiative bro! Go go go!
Carol Lee ($50.00)
Ivy Chit ($100.00)
Royce Chew ($50.00)
Go Kwang Hwee!
Walter Chia ($88.00)
Keep up the good work!
Wenyu Lin ($88.00)
Support for hope! New look master seah!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Support your admirable effort ...... All the Best :)
Lee Ling Tan ($50.00)
Keline Koh ($68.00)
Salute u! Thank u for doing this for the children !
Gouyue Tan ($200.00)
Cindy Tan ($50.00)
Anonymous ($300.00)
nice round head, sean 😆🙏🏻
David Sher ($50.00)
Bro, you look better without hair le...can keep it forever or not?
Esther Loh ($50.00)
Looking more like a true blue fengshui master!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Ying Tang ($50.00)
Great job!
Radhika Lakshmanan ($300.00)
Great Job Kwang Hwee!
Jin Wei Low ($50.00)
Leng Siang Lee ($300.00)
All the best !
Anonymous ($283.00)
Eliza Chai ($100.00)
Very inspiring. Thanks for all your generous sharing
Yee Mun Kong ($50.00)
Keep up the good work
Leng See Peh ($100.00)
In support of Kwang Hwee Seah! 🌹❤️
Sim Leng Lee ($500.00)
Chun Yong Lim ($100.00)
The children will be so proud of you all. Bravo!
Anonymous ($50.00)