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"In remembrance of frens who passed on with cancer n to show my support to frens who have cancer n in recovery stage"
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Online pledges - $34,915.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

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27 July 2019, 12pm - 1pm

Donations in support of Lay Choo Lim

Jaslyn Toh ($100.00)
加油。 all the best babe.
Ka Mei Ng ($50.00)
So proud of you! Indeed a meaningful way to celebrate your big 5!
Lian Choo Sophia Kwa ($100.00)
Proud of you my dear friend !
Felicia Kaw ($50.00)
Much blessings to you! ❤️
Grace Teo ($50.00)
Bravo Caris! 😁👍🌻
Cher Cher ($100.00)
Iris Lee ($100.00)
Caris, God bless you richly and abundantly :)
Rosalind Kong ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
In remembrance of my brother, I salute to you.
Jenny Teo ($200.00)
Proud of you sister!! You are my idol!
Sioe Fie Lie ($500.00)
Admirable act, Caris! Thanks!
Emily Lim ($50.00)
Pat Neo ($100.00)
Life is good! Celebrate with lots of laughter!
Colene Koh ($30.00)
Lina Teng ($20.00)
Adeline Toh ($50.00)
My idol 😘😘
Jeannie Toh ($50.00)
Bravo sister!
Wendy Sing ($50.00)
Proud of u Caris!
Carolyn Lum ($100.00)
Caris, your gracious act is an excellent move to bring hope and awareness.
Radiance Lim ($100.00)
Way to go, Caris
Anonymous ($100.00)
Ricky Sng ($100.00)
Great way to create awareness
Anonymous ($50.00)
Cecilia Yip ($50.00)
Good job
Jorceline Ang ($50.00)
Love ur courage, 💪
Karen Chan ($100.00)
You are such an amazing person with a huge heart ❤️!
Alan Lim ($50.00)
Leon Bao ($50.00)
Caden Chia ($100.00)
Applaud you for your Courage and Support for the Needy. I want to do more for the needy and less fortunate locally and abroad too. Jio you next time!
Orchid Yuan ($300.00)
Anonymous ($150.00)
no hair still chio.
Doreen Lam ($250.00)
You Go Girl!
Joyce Cheng ($100.00)
Admire your courage and selfless act.
Donna Ong ($888.00)
You are such an inspiration to us all and certainly do not look a day over 40. Wishing you happiness &amp great health :-). What a gift to others!
Fion Yong ($100.00)
加油 babe!
Benjamin Tan ($250.00)
Your generosity humbles me.
Sharon Oh ($100.00)
Jia you Caris! Humbled by your selflessness
Bernard Fung ($500.00)
Way to go, Caris!
XP Yang ($100.00)
Go Go Go!!!
Tze Leong Lee ($100.00)
Way to go Caris!
Siong Yee Ow ($400.00)
Proud of you Caris! Support you!
Ellein tan ($100.00)
such a selfless soul and beautiful heart you have!
Kumala Dewi hasanuddin ($100.00)
Lay Sim Rachael Lim ($1,000.00)
We are all behind you!
Jeslin Lam ($100.00)
Kendice Ko ($50.00)
I admire your courage. 加油!
Mohit Mirpuri ($100.00)
Well done Caris and really admirable act! God bless you always
Christina Tay ($100.00)
加油! So proud of you!!
Anonymous ($80.00)
Supporting you all the way, Caris ah jie!
Peishi Ling ($100.00)
Way to go, Caris!
Jo-ann Tan ($100.00)
Anonymous ($20.00)
Doing something small to support are the star as always!
Kerin Leyau ($100.00)
加油 :)
Hui Ling Cindy Tan ($100.00)
What a beautiful gesture, Caris! Jia You!
Evelyn Goh ($50.00)
you will still be a stunner! :o
Lee Hua Tan ($20.00)
You So Beautiful!
Christopher Lim ($100.00)
Well done Caris!
Peck Hong Wong ($50.00)
God Bless you Caris. Thank you for having such a big heart!
Wei Ling Lee ($50.00)
Kenneth Pang ($100.00)
Very proud of you Caris..
Yanjun Peng ($50.00)
Thumbs up for helping to raise funds Caris! Thank you! Supporting! :)
Boon Kwee Chua ($50.00)
Well done
Evelyn Lim ($100.00)
For the courageous babe!
Joyce Low ($500.00)
Ah Jie you are my Inspiration !
Annie Lim ($100.00)
Way to go Caris!! Proud of your positive spirit and energy in life!
Henryk Tan ($50.00)
Looking forward to having you back! Stay Strong
Xiu Juan Cheng ($80.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
great initiative!
Kristina Chua ($50.00)
Jia you! Jia you! Jia you!
Sri Prihadi ($500.00)
So proud of you ! One brave woman !
Esther Ong ($100.00)
You're the best and truly an inspiration!! Jiayou!!
Christian Rothenbuehler ($500.00)
Such an inspiration, Caris. Giving is the greatest act of grace.
Hwee Ling Ong ($50.00)
Emily Goh ($50.00)
Admire your courage Caris. Good one!
mabel chua ($250.00)
You are so brave!! Amazing....
Mindy Chow ($200.00)
Just as charming, with or without hair! So proud of you, Caris!
Catherine Khoo ($100.00)
Thank you for spreading the positiveness and courage!
Sacha Eugster ($100.00)
I salute you for your dedication to this cause!
Chai Wei Soh ($100.00)
Great stuff!
sandra aw ($100.00)
Amy Tee ($200.00)
Brave girl! You will remain as beautiful as ever!
Ilianah Xu ($80.00)
Irene Gung ($100.00)
You are the Best!
su anne chow ($50.00)
U go girl!
Gerald Kua ($150.00)
Caris, you are an inspiration.偶像加油。
Yvonne Koh ($200.00)
I will always support you!!!
Yuvraj Raizada ($151.00)
Hey Caris, very very proud of you !
Joyce Lim ($50.00)
Roy Lee ($100.00)
A big salute to your courage!!
Melvyn Yeo ($100.00)
Admire your courage
Lay Pheng Huan ($500.00)
Bravo - you're my idol
Kunshan Cai ($100.00)
Claude Harbonn ($250.00)
Bravo! What a way to mark the date
Teresa Lo ($200.00)
For now there are faith, hope, and love. )
KAREN ONG ($150.00)
Jia You!
Kong Wu Wong ($150.00)
For your thoughtfulness, passion and courage!!!
Soph Mo ($100.00)
Siew Hwa Wendy Lim ($50.00)
Supporting Caris Lim's good cause.
Manson Garrick ($500.00)
What a great thing to do, outstanding!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Christoph Durst ($100.00)
Great Support! Well done!
Christine Lim ($200.00)
I support my Ah Nia:-)
Evanne Foo ($100.00)
Bravery is to believe in yourself which no one can teach you. So Caris, bravo to you and JIA-YOU !!!
Keng Cheong Lock ($300.00)
👍 Proud of you!
Thomas Ang ($100.00)
Eileen Wee ($200.00)
So proud of you Caris!
florence fong ($200.00)
wow Caris! kudos!!
SERENE WEE ($200.00)
Ibu, you are amazing!!
Cindy Teo ($100.00)
Am 110% sure U'll still look as GORGEOUS before &amp after the shave!
Pauline Lee ($300.00)
Honoured to be part of this meaning event
Carinn Neo ($300.00)
Max Weber ($1,000.00)
So proud of you.
Martin Lee ($50.00)
Well done Caris!
Pauline Khoo ($200.00)
Shawn Ng ($200.00)
Kelly Loh ($100.00)
Anonymous ($150.00)
Good luck and thanks for doing this :)
Mae Anderson ($200.00)
Way to go! What a meaningful effort!
Zi Juan Lai ($80.00)
great way to go Caris!!! amazing
Alexandre Bouchardy ($100.00)
Admirable act Caris, thank you for the support you are providing to many people
Cheak Tan ($100.00)
Well done Caris. Keep it up.
JZ See ($100.00)
how can you be 50 years old! you look so much younger than that.rngreat job for this effort!
Linda Chan ($100.00)
Salut for your courageous &amp for such a good cause!
Linda Goh ($50.00)
Before: Beautiful / After: Dazzling Beautiful
Stephanie Lee ($300.00)
Way to go, Caris! Wonderful👏🏼 Great cause.
Ivan Lim ($100.00)
Good luck and great initiative
Serena Sia ($50.00)
Good going!
Devi Hunt ($100.00)
Best in class!
Yen San Tan ($50.00)
Kudos to you!
Kristy Sim ($50.00)
All the best babe! 加油!!!
Dom Boer ($200.00)
Well done. rnSuper proud of you
Ming Chye Yoong ($400.00)
You are greatly blessed!
Geraldine Ang ($100.00)
Chiobu with a golden heart!
sandra Sadek ($50.00)
Very supportive for such a worthwhile cause.
Mei Yue Tia ($50.00)
Well done and 加油 :)
Anna Tan ($100.00)
All the best babe. So proud of you!!
Angie Kweh ($500.00)
You're an inspiration! Kudos!
Santosh Bukitgar ($50.00)
Great Initiative Claris. Keep it going. I wholeheartedly support you on this.
Jacqueline Chan ($50.00)
Well done! you're an inspiration!
Dilys Phua ($100.00)
So proud of u babe! Such an inspiration :)
Benjamin Cavalli ($500.00)
Extremely proud of you, Caris!
Christine Ngo ($100.00)
Salute your selfless act to help others in need.
menon akshay ($50.00)
best of luck!
Yong Chua Goh ($100.00)
You are simply amazing !
Hwee yin Chua ($50.00)
I am so proud of you my dear friend!! 😘support u all the way!
Ryan Li ($150.00)
Way to go Caris!!! What a brave and wonderful gesture!!
Iynyi Nai ($80.00)
Way to go Caris! :)
Sharon Yong ($50.00)
Wo Men Yong Yuan Zhi Chi Ni !! (We will always support you, Caris!!)
Justina Lee ($88.00)
Admire what you do for Charity Caris! :)
Caroline Seah ($300.00)
So proud of you!
Denise Ho ($100.00)
Brave of you, Charis!
Shirley Chan ($50.00)
eileen tan ($300.00)
Such admirable act.. Thank you!! :)
Iris Low ($100.00)
Forever our chioest bu!
Fu xiang ($50.00)
Grace Su ($50.00)
So impressed and proud of you Caris! You're our role model :)
Daniel Monnet ($300.00)
Very good Caris :-)
Sharon Low ($50.00)
Lily Tan ($100.00)
加油! 加油!
Julia Fong ($200.00)
Adeline Soh ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Jia You my friend.
Tania Chew ($100.00)
Thank you! Love you!
Annie Wong ($100.00)
Johanes Oeni ($1,000.00)
You are just amazing! Really proud of you, Caris! Warmly, Johanes
Kerin Chai ($120.00)
Really proud of you, sweetie! You are awesome!
Anne Gabriel ($150.00)
You have a big and brave heart to give hope to cancer patients :)
Man Wing Laura Maria Ho ($150.00)
&quotBeing brave isn't the absence of fear but finding a way through it!&quot Way to go, Caris!!
Ted Lim ($100.00)
Support! Kudos!
Elmira Elmira ($200.00)
Proud of you !!
Elaine Lim ($50.00)
You are awesome,Caris !! Bravo !! God bless !! 🙏 ❤️❤️
Xunru Chen ($50.00)
Jullie Kan ($1,000.00)
Proud of you Caris!
Nana Ong ($50.00)
You're so kind and brave. I salute you Caris!
S P Cheong ($100.00)
Loo Lay Hua ($200.00)
Jia You
Daryl Wong ($500.00)
Klaire Lim ($50.00)
Liz Koh ($50.00)
Jiayou jiayou!
Jullie Kan ($50.00)
vincent wong ($100.00)
Enjoy your new crown
BL T ($200.00)
Yvonne Koh ($50.00)
You go girl!
Lina Teng ($50.00)
Jacqueline Ng ($50.00)
Good Job Caris!
Javine SC Koh ($200.00)
Grace Chan ($100.00)
Jiayou Caris!
Hughlyn Tan ($100.00)
Eric Lynn ($100.00)
Thank you for raising funds for the sick children 🥰
Clara Chng ($128.00)
Ee Lin Cheah ($100.00)
San San ($50.00)
Such a wonderful babe.
Roseline Chin ($50.00)
Wee Ing Peng ($500.00)
I am very proud of you, Caris! 加油💪🏻
Mavis Cheong ($100.00)
Good job Caris!
Wydia Lee ($50.00)
Love your new funky look and best it is for a beautiful cause done by a beautiful lady
Lorrain Loh ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Eng Joo Neo ($100.00)
thumbs up!
Anna Kwek ($500.00)
You are blessed my friend!
Linda Tan ($100.00)
May God Bless You!
Wan Peng Lim ($1,000.00)
Sorry it took so long babe! You look amazing btw (D)
John George ($100.00)
Daniel Soo ($100.00)
Well done Caris!
Ethan Lim ($100.00)
AWESOME!! when are you changing your profile pic on your email?
WY L ($50.00)
Proud of you !
Agacia Tan ($50.00)
you rock! awesome!
Grace Ong ($50.00)
You rock Caris!
Adria Chiu ($100.00)
Kelvin Yeo ($200.00)
Brave act and well done!
Freddy Sim ($50.00)
Caris, you are a kind and caring soul. God Bless you!
May Kong ($50.00)
Something brought me to you, I don't know why I just hv this prompting to go 5th floor. Hope you like the peanut candy, your bd treat.
Vikash Bali ($250.00)
Well done Caris - great job!
Ho Evelyn ($50.00)
Jacqueline Teo ($200.00)
Stella Wijaya ($50.00)
Awesome! You look great and much younger!! Keep it up!!!
Yi-Lein Seah ($100.00)
Marilyn Sim ($50.00)
You are Inspiring, and definitely lead by example for a good cause.
Christine Tan ($1,000.00)
Caris, you are an inspiration! Love your new look and infectious positive attitude!