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"I am a Cancer patient myself and I am still in the recovery process. I can truly understand the pain, the fear, the doubt, the agony that one has to go through. Having being supported and love by my families and friends, I begin to accept and now I live each day as a normal day just like everyone else. I want to do my little bit to spread love to all the children who are fighting. Be brave, be strong. Love can heal. Get well soon. "
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Jiayou 💪 💪 💪
Anonymous ($50.00)
Lay Hoon Toh ($100.00)
Well done! With love, Joyce Toh
Anonymous ($20.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Letchimi Veerasamy ($20.00)
Wendy Kea ($20.00)
Stay strong, Everyday is a new day.
Jeannie Teo ($50.00)
Julie Lim ($50.00)
E WEE ($20.00)
Michelle Tan ($300.00)
Angie Seet ($20.00)
Jason Wong ($50.00)
Hi my friend. All the best. rnI am sure the people you helped will appreciate you.
Soo chin kea ($50.00)
You are a fighter all these years I had known you. You are a winner
Anonymous ($20.00)
Siew Bieh Foo ($50.00)
Penny Ng ($100.00)
Proud to see you braving through adversities, with a big heart and plentiful love to share with others, stay inspiring dear friend, luv you!
Eng Wee Liau ($288.00)
Khee Eng Gan ($50.00)
Well done!! So Brave and So IAM.
Suwah Foong ($100.00)
So proud of you Jo! ❤️
Choo Eng Lee ($50.00)