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"In support of all the young warriors fighting the "monster". Stay strong, never give up.

It also marks the 11 years into my remission. Thankful for every single day that I am still alive. Every day is a blessing. "
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Jinhui Chen ($100.00)
Support for LQ. Good job! Hooya!
Gabriel Foo ($50.00)
Thank you.
Vivian Ng ($50.00)
SH Loke ($100.00)
Support Support!
Pei San Teo ($100.00)
Thanks for your sacrifice and kind heart!
Darius Teo ($50.00)
Hi fellow GovTechie. Thank you for the spreading of awareness even in the current pandemic.
Cheng Guat Tan ($50.00)
Abigail Dawson ($50.00)
Thank you.
Shawn Koo ($50.00)
Rong Hwa Chong ($100.00)
All the best Liang Quan!
Anonymous ($200.00)
Love Papa. From Elliott and Ella.
Anonymous ($200.00)
Dear korkor! Thank you for being the role model to my life since young.Your resilience and determination in life has taught me so much to life!-HT:)
HY HS Tan ($160.00)
we are using the strength, courage and hope that we saw in our brother to fight alongside with you! dont give up, for hope is always within reach❤️
Zhong Yao Lee ($50.00)
Well done, Beng!
Chin Ann Ong ($100.00)
Stay positive and continue to be an inspiration!
Vivien Ang ($100.00)
Kewal Pradhan ($20.00)
Thanks LQ for your kindness, fighting for good cause..
Derek GOOH ($100.00)
A small deed to support your big act, thanks for being the inspiration! 加油!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Bee Kwan Lim ($200.00)
Thank you for supporting a worthy cause !
Joanne Lim ($150.00)
Am encouraged by your Act! Thanks for the good deed!
Huey Shan Chong ($100.00)
Am so proud and inspired by you! Thank you !
Xunmao Chew ($20.00)
Jia you!