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"To raise awareness"
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Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $2,950.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Lloyd Png

Soon Peng Png ($1,000.00)
Zaiton Seah ($50.00)
Kah Eng Lim ($1,000.00)
Pei Fung Iris Tan ($500.00)
Thank you for doing this. My son beat childhood cancer at 4 years old! I want you to know because CCF supported us so much & because of angels like u!
Doris Tengh ($50.00)
For a good cause
Wee Pin Edwin Oh ($50.00)
Huat ah~
Jenifer Lim ($100.00)
Support Ah Lloyd gor gor!
Paul Botterill ($100.00)
Jonathan Lim ($50.00)
Good job Bro!
Henry Tan ($50.00)