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"I am shaving for the cancer children as I have been doing this for many times with my daddy. Support me and you will support the cancer children too."
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Donations in support of Lucas Liow

Yi Lin Goh ($50.00)
Well done, Lucas! Thank you for your courage and selflessness in supporting the children in need!
Chin Ping Teo ($50.00)
Well done Lucas!!
Cheu Yee Lau ($100.00)
Hello Lucas, Thank you for your kind act to help those in need, Yi Yi is so proud of you! ~Rainy Yiyi
Wei shan Ang ($50.00)
Good one Lucas!!
Yen kai Teo ($160.00)
So proud of you, Lucas! 加油!
Jiali Zhang ($80.00)
Great job, Lucas!! You never fail to show your support for the children impacted by cancer. So proud of you !!
Hiang qian Lau ($50.00)
Hi Lucas! You did it again:) thank you very much for your contribution to the society! So proud of you. :) rnrn - Xiao qian yiyi
Genie Ng ($50.00)
Good on you Lucas! A wonderful gesture.
Gerald Wee ($100.00)
Keep up the kindness and compassion, Lucas! Great work!
Anonymous ($500.00)
Jenny Loo ($100.00)
Proud of you Lucas!
Chin Weng Lee ($500.00)
On behalf of Gong Gong: Lucas , Gong Gong is proud of you. Keep it up!
Chin Weng Lee ($50.00)
On behalf of GrandAunt TikTiu: Lucas, you r a lovable child. May you grow up wise and find favour with God and man.
Chin Weng Lee ($80.00)
On behalf of YCHia: Lucus,it is incredible that you have done this for I guess, 8th time.May these acts of compassion be a cause for your happiness
Steven Chew ($100.00)
Cheers, you are doing great at such a young age!
Aaron Soh ($50.00)