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"I signed up to be a shavee so that I can glorify God and help those who are suffering from cancer. As Helen Keller said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.""
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Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $3,680.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Shaving Time Slot:
27 July 2019, 12pm - 1pm

Donations in support of Lukas Chew

Hui Fong Koh ($200.00)
Very happy for you!
E Lin Lim ($50.00)
So proud of you! Jia you!
Ai-Lin Chung ($50.00)
Proud of you Lukas! Joel and I support you!
Kah Boon ($50.00)
I support your cause!
Andrea Wong ($100.00)
Your kind and generous act warms Gods heart, Lukas! Way to go!
Anonymous ($200.00)
Zhong Yuan Li ($100.00)
So proud of you, Lukas !rnrn(Aunty Ann 😄)
Jessie Oh ($50.00)
Sheryl Murthy ($50.00)
Blessed to be a blessing to others! Love and support from Aunty Sheryl and Kiran!
Anonymous ($20.00)
Keith Low ($100.00)
So proud of you Lukas! Keep shining for Jesus.
Gigi Chew ($100.00)
Proud of your work Lukas!
Hoe Yue Teh ($100.00)
Well Done Lukas!!!我们永远支持你!!Cassie,Caleb n Gabriel 🤗🤗🤗
Chuay Kheng Hong ($50.00)
Well done, Lukas! You are so kind.
Lina Tan ($50.00)
Good job Lukas!
Wei Lin Chin ($50.00)
Diane Chang ($50.00)
Lukas, get your Dad to do the same!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Linda Toh ($20.00)
Proud of you Lukas!
Siok Tin Ho ($100.00)
Y L Kang ($50.00)
Lukas, u r cool!
Siew Lan To h ($50.00)
Siew Lan To h ($50.00)
Penni Chew ($200.00)
What a sacrificial thing you're doing for those who are suffering. So proud of you Lukas!
Shirley Chew ($100.00)
Bald but bold. Proud of you!
Jennifer Chew ($100.00)
I am very proud of you! At such a young age, you already have such a kind heart to extend help to others! I fully support you on your fundraising!
Auntie Veron ($100.00)
You are such a sweet and caring boy. May God bless you!
Foo Wai Peng ($100.00)
good job Lukas!
Chew Yung Jin ($200.00)
So proud of you!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Pheck Khuan Low ($50.00)
外婆希望你长大做个有善心,为社会服务的青年 不要随波逐流,记得上帝的恩典。
Cindy Quai ($100.00)
You are a brave boy Lucas 👍
Roziah Bte Mohd Noh ($100.00)
Well done, Lukas!
Anonymous ($20.00)
Jacqueline Loy ($50.00)
Thank you Lukas for the great effort.rnKeep the good work going! rnMay God Bless every one of you!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Well Done, Lucas!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Bless you Lukas! From Aunty Kim &amp Joshua.
SY Khor ($50.00)
Ai Lay Lim ($150.00)
You have chosen to make a difference to others and we are proud of you, Lukas!
Yi-Chinh Poh ($100.00)
Auntie Yi-Chinh, Uncle Hoi Liong, Zhanyuan, his brother Zhanwei and sister Wanxuan are all behind you in this noble and meaningful cause!
Tai Lu Chew ($100.00)
Very proud of you Lukas! May this be a small start as you experience the fullness of Yahweh's abundance and the abundance of His fullness.
Swee Har Lee ($200.00)
I am proud of you. You have grown into a fine, caring young boy. Becoming bald for a good cause is praiseworthy. God bless. Luv, Auntie Swee Har
Lukas Chew ($10.00)
I hope to be a blessing to others.
Wa Wa ($10.00)
God Bless! Love, Sister WaWa