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"For a good cause, create awareness for childhood cancer, raise some funds and to spread the love!"
Target amount:
Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $12,440.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Shaving Time Slot:
29 July 2018, 4pm - 5pm

Donations in support of Mabel ong

Tay Yuyan ($50.00)
Way to go, Bel!
Yi Yap ($100.00)
Mabel great job !!!
Edwina Lee ($100.00)
Beautiful inside out! So proud of u my friend!
Pei boon Chua ($200.00)
So proud of you Mabel! Estelle & I will go support you on that day! :)
Ken Puah ($100.00)
Go for it Mabel!
Clover Tay ($10.00)
I also want to help children :)
Josephine Yap ($80.00)
Admire your courage and big heart. Jiayou Mabel!
sumin wang ($50.00)
good job 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Yi ling Lau ($20.00)
Brave mummy! Good job!
Peizhen Lin ($50.00)
Proud of you! Have fun!!
Lin Tar Kuan ($50.00)
Proud of you Mabel! :)
Hwee Yeow Ng ($100.00)
Way to go Ashley Mummy!
William Sim ($100.00)
From the Mrs
Mei Ling Ong ($100.00)
Go woman!!
LAWRENCE LEE ($100.00)
All E way ..M.O
Anonymous ($100.00)
Seow Lin Yeo ($24.00)
Estelle and her grandmother are giving support too! Hee..:D
Weiren Hong ($100.00)
All the way. 加油.
Bryce Lee ($100.00)
Sera Leow ($100.00)
Go Mabel!!! You go girl!!
Suzanne Eng ($100.00)
Wonderful deed indeed! Will support you! I’m sure this will impact those children’s lives!
Evelyn Teo ($50.00)
JJ Ang ($100.00)
Go Girl!
zoe yu ($50.00)
Go Go!
DOREEN YEO ($150.00)
Jia you Mabel!!!😉
Meizhen Low ($100.00)
Ee Sin Tan ($80.00)
Support from HK!
Sim & Family ($200.00)
A bold act for a good cause. Jia you auntie Mabel!
Shirley Im ($20.00)
Brave Act!
Yaen Sim ($50.00)
Shao Wei Mok ($60.00)
Go Bel! Salute your courage and bravery!
Strangeyy E ($88.00)
Ching Wee Sim ($100.00)
Gerald Pang ($100.00)
Serene Ong ($20.00)
Priscilla Ching ($100.00)
*Salute* Such a brave lady! Way to go!
Derrick Ang ($100.00)
Mitsuna Ijuin ($50.00)
Support and Admiration from myself, Alia, & Leila :)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Way to go !!!
Kah Loon Chang ($100.00)
I’m a Malaysian and am willing to support with RM300. Thank you.
Seng Lee Goh ($50.00)
Go for it!
Lots of courage and love.
Asma El Moufti ($200.00)
Way to go ! Thanks for your initiative.
Peiting Lai ($200.00)
Brave and encouraging move.. Jia You Mabel!!
Jessie Chin ($100.00)
Aunty Mabel. Jia You! Support from Si En & Family
Anonymous ($50.00)
Sean Tian ($100.00)
Brave! Go for it!
S Q Lee ($100.00)
Elaine Goh ($50.00)
Jia you Mabel!
Serene Chia ($100.00)
True Bravery!
Angela Lim ($50.00)
Brave mummy! Jia you Mabel!
Alpesh Sharma ($100.00)
Bravo Mabel , proud of you
Johnny Toh ($50.00)
Vishal Bhatt ($100.00)
go for it girl! make us all proud.
Wan Li Ong ($100.00)
Thank you for your inspiring and admirable action!🤩
Karen Teh ($100.00)
Proud of you, gal! All behind you! 😄😄
Yuan Sheng Chua ($100.00)
Go go go, Mabel!!
Colin De Souza ($100.00)
Worthy Cause well done !
Eileen Goh ($50.00)
Mabel, you're super brave! Wow!
Wei Ken Wong ($100.00)
Go Mabel. Let's meet up soon!
Hirofumi Iwasa ($100.00)
JC Chan ($50.00)
Jia you, Mabel. We support you!
Foong Lian Chew ($50.00)
Baojie Tan ($50.00)
Alison Zhang ($30.00)
You’re an inspiration!
Gary Fong ($50.00)
My utmost respect to you Bel!
Bisheng Liu ($88.00)
Jia you Mabel!!
Weixiong Chiu ($1,000.00)
So proud of you! Love ya :)
Chin Chin Teh ($100.00)
Hi Mabel, Well Done!
Timothy Goh ($100.00)
Well done Mabel!!
Ting Lin ($50.00)
Great move Mabel!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Thabk you Mabel for this & very proud of you!
P. C. Wu ($100.00)
Pauline Ang ($200.00)
Bravo ! So proud of you Mummy !!
Shanhe Wang ($100.00)
Yap Gim Hong ($20.00)
Ang Ai Kien ($30.00)
Neo Siew Eng ($20.00)
Pang Ah Wah ($50.00)
Tan Choon Beng ($10.00)
Lim Geok Huey ($30.00)
Ung Wei Cong ($20.00)
Ng Hwi Peng ($20.00)
Jimmy Suroto ($100.00)
Well done Mabel. V brave n kind thing to do.
Kristy Hartanus ($100.00)
Go go Ashley mommy! so proud of you :)
Kate Neo ($1,000.00)
Lakhbir and I are extremely appreciative for your pledge in helping those in need. Our efforts are highly commendable!
Vanessa Ang ($200.00)
so proud of you.
Chris Zhuo ($100.00)
Respect you 👍
Anonymous ($100.00)
Bravo Mabel...
Chiew Suan Ong ($300.00)
Brave lady. 加油加油!
Jean Ong ($100.00)
Jiayou dajie! Way to go 💪🏼
Philip Leung ($100.00)
Brave! Great job!
Kah Lok Tay ($100.00)
Hey Mabel, i'm proud to know you and Weixiong as my friends. You guys are amazing and my inspiration!
Shirley Tan ($100.00)
Jia you!!!
Agnes Chong ($100.00)
Lynn Ong ($100.00)
Way to go dajie!🖤😘
Tsk Tan ($100.00)
William Leong ($100.00)
Sharon Wong ($50.00)
Rachel Lin ($100.00)
Fighting! Lin family supporting you all the way!
Kuan Cheong Thong ($300.00)
Hi Mabel, you look good with your recent hair cut, and I'm proud of you !!
Paul Murphy ($500.00)
I was told this is the going rate for a girl ... :)
Yun Qi Ong ($100.00)
Jenny Wong ($50.00)
Ivy Ong ($50.00)
Encouraging move !! 超级妈妈,好棒好棒!
SC Chan ($1,000.00)
You are indeed a great lady! Keep it up!
Koon Howe Kam ($100.00)