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Malakai Falcao Johnston

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"I am shaving my head because treatments for cancer are expensive. When you have cancer treatments you can lose your hair and so lose your confidence. I want to raise awareness, raise funds, and show support to kids suffering from cancer that it is ok to have no hair. Please support me or the other shavees from Nexus. Thank you!"
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Donations in support of Malakai Falcao Johnston

Anonymous ($50.00)
Well done Malakai! From Sasha.
Daphne Tay ($50.00)
Well done kai!! Amazing work for the charity
Andrew Fennelly ($50.00)
Great job Kai!
Anonymous ($40.00)
Proud of you Malakai. xx
Falcao Johnston ($300.00)
Malakai, your strength and courage amazes and inspires us daily. You make us proud parents and we love you. Do not ever stop being you. Mum and Dad xx
Andrew Fordham ($25.00)
Well done Malakai. You are a star. Thank you for taking part in this campaign and helping children with cancer.
Vicky Yang ($30.00)
凯凯好棒!Good job Kaikai, love you!
Lyell M ($50.00)
Great cause Kai! So proud of you xoxox
Gerald Thomson ($50.00)
You are a brave and a true risk taker Malakai. Thank you for being a role model for everyone. Congratulations!
Anonymous ($60.00)
We admire your courage Malakai.
Siew Lih Leong ($100.00)
Love and support from Beverly and family.
Alison Baker ($100.00)
We are so very, very proud of you Malakai. Love from the Bakers
Adriana Millet ($50.00)
Congratulations Malakai on your selfless choice! Lots of support from Mila
Anonymous ($20.00)
Way to go Malakai!! We are proud of you.
Will Murray ($50.00)
Good on you Malakai!!
Anne Rayner ($55.00)
Good job malakai real risk taker +rn+rnFrom Isla
Suzie Bacon ($50.00)
Great effort Malakai!
Anonymous ($150.00)
We are all very proud of the young man you have become. Keep up the good work. We love you.+rnGrandma Jennifer & the Falcao/ Cooper Clan.
Isaac Chapman ($20.00)
This is awesome Malakai, well done! From Isaac
Penny Lee ($200.00)
I think this is wonderful to show your support this way Malakai. You are doing a great thing! Well done.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Charlotte Borthwick ($53.00)
Kay Hallinan ($85.00)
Malakai it's amazing what you are doing and sharing the awareness, showing your support. Thanks for touching lives 💜
Emily Trewavas ($40.00)
Wonderful cause, good on you Malakai
Lilly Rhys ($50.00)
Well done Malakai!
Lachlan McGill ($100.00)
Well done Malakai!
Isla Lyons ($50.00)
Malakai I am very certain that your goal will be reached. I think your verry brave.
Donnchadh Fahey ($60.00)
Such a great cause, we are so proud of you Malaikai.
Cornelia Dahinten ($50.00)
Wow, Malakai amazing! You are a boy of so much character! You have all it takes to make it in life. Warmly, Cornelia
Thorbjoern Andersen ($15.00)
So cool Malakai
Christopher Cheung ($100.00)
Well done Kai! Thank you for being the ACTION that turns our intentions of giving into reality. You are an inspiration!
Wendy Trevor Lindsay ($20.00)
Well done Malakia.+rnLoveThe Lindsay Family
Hattle Family ($50.00)
This is amazing Malakai! This is a very worthy cause to support. We are so proud of you!
Zoa Skye ($50.00)
Way to go Malakai! We are so proud of you x
Tassia Moniz ($20.00)
Archer and Zora Morf ($20.00)
Great work Kai! We are proud of our wonderful cousin. ❤️
Sylvia Bhatia ($100.00)
What a wonderful cause - well done!
Rae Millership ($100.00)
Kai, what a wonderful thing to do to show your support. Make sure we get to see the after photo. Well done! The Millerships
Sylvia O'Da;y ($20.00)
Great work Kai. So proud of you. xx
Anonymous ($20.00)
Thank you Malakai for supporting this worthy cause!
Alan Johnston ($50.00)
Kai,+rnGreat intiative Kai, very proud of you doing this. Looking forward to the photo of the new you! +rnAlan & Jill Johnston