Marie Murphy

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"To help support a great cause, and raise much needed funding to further research to help fight this terrible disease."
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Online pledges - $1,180.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Marie Murphy

Lisa Krause ($100.20)
Dear Ms. MurphyrnWilliam wanted me to make sure I added his personal donation so you can save people from cancer.
Joanne Wu ($100.00)
Deserving of an applause....
Yola Kusnadi ($50.00)
Myrene Hooper ($30.00)
Good on you for doing this! I admire you very much.
Karen Hancock ($50.00)
This is Will's aunt. Will told me that he gave you all his money so he inspired me to make a donation as well.
lin wui pang ($100.00)
Awesome Ms. Marie! Cisska feels so proud of you! we give you full support from our family to you.
Evelyn Yeo ($50.00)
Thanks Ms. Marie for inspiring the kids to be compassionate. Tristan has been telling us about your kind act!
Andre Setiawan ($50.00)
Beverly is so excited that you are shaving your head for this cause! We are all proud of you!
Xiaojing Zhang ($40.00)
Lu Zhang ($50.00)
What a great initiative.Monan was talking about this to me at home.Let us fight this disease together.
Kelly Mauer ($50.00)
We are so happy to donate to this cause. Way to go Ms. Marie! Max wants to say &quotyou are a risk taker!&quot
Cecille Hughes ($31.00)
Truly heartwarming, Ms. Murphy! 🥰
Anonymous ($17.10)
Personal donations by K2 MMUR students!rnAlina - &quotYou're a risk-taker!&quotrnStella -&quotSo scientist's can make medicine&quotrnWill - &quotTo help the sick children.&quot
Natasha Fuchs ($40.00)
Dear Ms Murphy, what an incredible thing you are doing. Love Noa
Joy Meyer ($30.00)
You are one bold and brave human being! Looking up to you!
Calvin Dohoon Kim ($100.00)
This money is for the charity and the science people to help the cancer children. - Calvin
Laura Millett ($50.00)
What a wonderful thing to do! It's so inspiring for me and for your students. You are a great example of generosity to us all.
Megumi Ion ($60.00)
What a wonderful action! Here is a little help from Noah and me. He wanted to donate his $10 which was from his first tooth fairy.
Christy H ($100.00)
Hats off!
Sukeerth Karthikeyan ($30.00)
It's good to donate the money to the children with cancer so scientists can make medicine for them. - Sukeerth
Sutha Nair ($20.00)
Hats off to you Ms Marie. Bravo!
Michelle Yeo ($25.00)
Love what you are doing, Marie. All the best!
Hair Less ($6.70)
Helping is good.