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"Having my hair shave is no pain compared to those who are suffering cancer. To all cancer survivors : it's ok to be Bald as the inside beauty is more precious than the outside. Stay strong and keep resilience ! Am joining for the 14th time to help raise funds. Thank you to all friends, colleagues, families for your kind encouragement in supporting my hair shave.
God Bless"
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Online pledges - $11,331.88, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of mona ee

CH HO ($100.00)
Vinodan Erat ($50.00)
I salute your courage and dedication year after year.
Anonymous ($100.00)
BENG LYE OH ($100.00)
Thank you! - Jonathan Oh
Gururaj Ranganatha Rao ($100.00)
Compassion is the best feeling. Thanks for continuing to nurture it, Mona
Cherry Guingayan ($50.00)
You rock Mona!!! thank you for being you in all genuine efforts.
Yulia Wunyuti ($100.00)
You are so Amazing! Thank You for your kindness to show support for children in needs.
Daniel Lin ($200.00)
Go, go, go!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Mona, you are the inspirational force behind GF HFH. Well done!
James Goh ($50.00)
Thomas Tay ($100.00)
Well done, Mona.
Linny Teng ($200.00)
Thank you, Mona for your unwavering support to Children's Cancer Foundation!
Sylvia Chan ($50.00)
Thank you Mona for your selfless act year after year. Always an inspiration!
Christine Soo ($20.00)
Chui Mun Leong ($50.00)
Good job as always Mona!
Diana Teo ($50.00)
Wai Tsan Ho ($100.00)
Good job again Mona!! 💪
Anonymous ($50.00)
Proud of you M!
Anonymous ($410.00)
Keep it up!
James Lim ($50.00)
Always inspired by your dedication!
Livio Lee ($100.00)
Congratulations Mona! Very very cheerful lady. Always proud of you. Keep it going!
Stacey Han ($100.00)
Raymond Lim ($100.00)
gambette Mona!
Soon Fong Chan ($30.00)
Dear Mona
Good Job! Always so proud of you!
Anonymous ($50.00)
努力活着 。。。
Fadhilah Yusoff ($100.00)
Congratulations Mona for doing this year after year!Love your enthusiasm in supporting this .
Qiuyue Lin ($50.00)
Hi Mona,
Sending major good vibes your way.
Keep on keeping on!
Jingfeng Huang ($30.00)
Mona, your courageous, compassionate efforts in raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer is inspiring. Way to go!
Lee Fah Then ($88.00)
Hi Mona, thank you for your support always!
Joseph Chia ($200.00)
You always bring light and warmth to those around you, Mona! I am so inspired by your commitment year in year out for HFH!
Vijindra Pandhari ($200.00)
Thank you for your continued dedication for the Nobel cause
Anonymous ($100.00)
Your kindness can make a world of difference.
SIANG FATT Cha ($100.00)
Yan Liang ($20.00)
Pearlyn Chia ($50.00)
Paul Yong ($50.00)
Pei Ching Toh ($50.00)
Fang Hong Gn ($100.00)
Mien Sze Lee ($20.00)
Desmond Goh ($50.00)
Never stop believing in Hope.
Keng Liang Tan ($50.00)
Mona number 1 ko
Segaran Sengottayan ($5.00)
Thanks for give a chance to donate.
Srinivas Prabhakaran ($50.00)
Thank you Mona for your Support
ivy Low ($50.00)
Mona is my Hero . God bless you !
Edward Lau ($50.00)
Way to go Mona.
Choon Ling Voo ($100.00)
Daniel Lin ($200.00)
Always so inspiring! Go, Mona, go!
Jamir S ($50.00)
Thank you for your continued dedication to the cause
You inspire us all 🙏🏼
Chong Peng How ($200.00)
Thank you for being an inspiration, Mona!
Chui Ling Ho ($100.00)
Thank you Mona for being a such a great inspiration to us with your love for charity!
Verice Teh ($100.00)
You always demonstrate by example! Keep it up!
Jonathan Lim ($50.00)
Jia Yu Mona......
Keung Pan ($50.00)
Thank you Mona for your kindness and compassion!
KK Leow ($100.00)
Mona, You are always a great colleague to work with. 👍🏻
KP Teo ($100.00)
Thank You Mona!
Once again you have shown to be a champion!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Seng Yeow Lew ($50.00)
Yvonne Yue ($100.00)
Anonymous ($10.00)
Pemg Sum Hoa ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Thomas Bannister ($50.00)
Nancy Chan ($200.00)
Keep up the good work Mona!
Kain Lu Low ($100.00)
Mona, thank you for your kindness as always!
Pui Leng Lee ($150.00)
3 cheers! Mona!
Always inspiring!
Keng Huei Chew ($50.00)
Jia you Mona!! Support you always for the good heart and spirit.
Alex See ($200.00)
You are my sunshine, Mona.
World peace forever, Hip hip hurray
Kelvin Lim ($50.00)
Thanks Mona
Anonymous ($150.00)
Chiu Har Ng ($50.00)
Lay Teng Tee ($30.00)
Pak Ngian HEE ($100.00)
We are going to help more people to win their fight against cancer.
Zhimin Gu ($200.00)
Anonymous ($10.00)
Thanks Mona for everything! :)
Hari Karthik Viswanathan ($10.00)
Thanks Mona for your contribution.
Shirley Tjan ($200.00)
Dear Mona, your relentless effort in charity work is truly admirable. GOD bless you!
Lian Tin Cheng ($50.00)
Mona, thank you for supporting the children.
Wei Xiang Lim ($100.00)
Mona you are the best!
Meng Pin Chua ($200.00)
Mona. Thank your effort to the charity event
Chee Kin Foong ($50.00)
Hi Mona, many thanks for putting in consistent effort year after year to inspire people around you!
Yangxuan Huang ($150.00)
Thank you Mona for your sacrifice! For a good cause!
Emily Lim ($100.00)
You are the best. !!!!!!
Anonymous ($500.00)
Thanks Mona ! :)
Sulaiman Surir ($50.00)
Hi Mona , i salute you for courage and determination in support this year Hair Hope for CCF.
May Myo Zin ($50.00)
Awesome, Mona! Your beautiful heart and commitment encourage others to stay strong and keep resilience.
CHYE HOON ANG ($100.00)
Actions speak louder than words... You're a great example to others!
Hung Le ($100.00)
You are the best, Mona, you inspired all of us include myself. Unfortunately, I cannot join this year but I will definitely join next year again.
Mary Joyce Lai ($50.00)
Thank you Mona for your continuing dedication to help the kids!
Anonymous ($10.00)
Tong Heng Chee ($300.00)
Keep up the good work, Mona!
Chai Wah Ng ($50.00)
Respect and cheers!
Ngai Fong Choong ($50.00)
Evonne Teo ($50.00)
Thank you Mona, a great hearted person.
Bee Choo Tan ($200.00)
Wonderful friend with a beautiful heart! Thanks Mona!
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
Very admire and respect Mona ! She's really putting a lot of heart and effort to this program !
Soh Tin Choo ($50.00)
Well done Mona!
Eileen Ng ($50.00)
A good heart will always remain ...
Yuan Mei Tan ($100.00)
Good job, Mona!
Surej Rangasamy ($100.00)
Inspiration to All !
Denise Seah ($50.00)
Thank you Mona
Beng Huat Tan ($500.00)
Mona, Thanks for leading the Hair for Hope. You have inspired me to contribute to give hope to the young cancer patients.
Hui Cheng Qhek ($150.00)
Well done Mona!
Yan Li ($100.00)
Thank you Mona for organising this event year by year
Lin Lin Lau ($50.00)
Thank you
Mooi Leng Chiang ($20.00)
Mona, Jia You !
Madelyn Lee ($100.00)
Mona, our super hero, thanks for been the inspiration year on year! So proud of you ❤️
Poh Doo lim ($68.88)
Wen Yen Soo ($50.00)
Mona, you are the best and bravest be the 1st hair shave women in GF for HFH! Proud of you! Heartfelt appreciation for all you do.