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Myo Aung Maung

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"With every strand of hairs we shaved;
Encourage the affected kids to be brave 💪
To help them on their journey of recovery;
We need your donation and generosity 💕"
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Online pledges - $1,590.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Myo Aung Maung

Soon Fong Chan ($20.00)
Hi! Maung Maung
You did it again! Proud of you!
Jee Fong Jong ($50.00)
It's always Love & Care. Thank you.
zhimin gu ($100.00)
Meng Tuan Lau ($200.00)
Thank you and proud of U
Anonymous ($500.00)
Thanks for encouraging the junior 'warriors' and their care-givers. Spread the love, blessings and a helping hand!
Jason Kin Wei Wong ($100.00)
Thank you Aung for continuing to volunteer for a good cause!
Yanxia SHAO ($100.00)
Aung, be proud of you!
May Myo Zin ($50.00)
Myo Aung, keep going to inspire others.
Hari Balan ($100.00)
Aung, Proud of your contribution to this Nobel event.
KHEE YONG LIM ($100.00)
Vincent Pott ($200.00)
Myo Aung, you are always kind to people, and an inspiration to everyone.
Mooi Leng Chiang ($20.00)
Maung Maung, Jia you !
Wen Yen Soo ($50.00)
Aung, proud of you!