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"We all love our children and we feel bad when they fall sick. As we all know, having cancer is much worse than usual sickness we typically see.

Through the HfH initiative, I hope to create awareness that children's cancer is something we need to take note of and show concern for. While our children go through excruciating pain, the least I could offer as support is by showing it is OK to be bald.

Be confident, and you all will emerge stronger than ever before. Keep smiling and stay awesome! "
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Online pledges - $2,700.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

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Anonymous ($50.00)
Naresh G ($100.00)
Alvin Chia ($100.00)
Nice one bro!
Sharrada S ($50.00)
All the best!
Lisa Tan ($200.00)
Diana Koh ($200.00)
Thanks Naresh! :)
Xinger Christine Koo ($50.00)
Go Naresh! (:
Julie Loke ($1,000.00)
Dear Naresh, Thank you for your kindness and charitable heart. I was very encouraged and inspired by your courage to take part in this HFH charity.
Xiaofeng Wu ($50.00)
Peck Lian Joyce NANG ($250.00)
Hon Yen Lau ($50.00)
Keep smiling and stay awesome :)
Limei Chong ($50.00)
Priya Gupta ($50.00)
All the best!
Lee Lee Ong ($50.00)
All the best!
Yee Ming Wong ($50.00)
Go for it!👍🏻
Jack Soh ($50.00)
Vincent Chong ($150.00)
All the best bro! Great Gnana!! May the lin qi inspire others HAhaha!
Sumitra Sachidanandan ($100.00)
Shiau Fong Alby Lam ($50.00)
Way to go!