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"To help support children with cancer and hopefully help find a cure once and for all"
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Online pledges - $1,250.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

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Sascha Schuemann ($100.00)
Great stuff, buddy!
Nick Buissinne ($150.00)
Lely Mandap-Sanchez ($100.00)
Happy to support you :)
Jenn Haur Chen ($50.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
Thanks for the great and kind deed!
Cheryl Taganas ($100.00)
Sana Ansari ($200.00)
Well done Nick!
Sue Anne Lim ($100.00)
Justin Leow ($50.00)
Thank you for supporting this cause.
janice scottyoung ($50.00)
Nick, the shaving is one thing.. to up the anti next year i think you need to do a super fluro colour hair 1st, then the shave!
Mauricio Correa ($80.00)
Great cause Nick cheers man!!
Anonymous ($20.00)
God bless
Johan Berghs ($50.00)
Well done Nick!