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"for a good cause"
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Online pledges - $4,032.88, Manual pledges - $0.00

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29 July 2018, 4pm - 5pm

Donations in support of ravi muthusamy

Chang Qing Chan ($50.00)
Hope to have a better world where cancer treatment can be improved and humanity together can find a cure to the illness. Go Ravi!!
Jiun Chyi Ho ($50.00)
Good effort you have put in on this. Good Karma :p
Walter Silvester ($50.00)
Well done. If you shave your whole body I will double the donation!
Kasminah Iyeit ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Grace Khan ($20.00)
Good luck!
Riya Amarjeet Kaur ($100.00)
All the best and great initiative.
Emilia Geñoso ($150.00)
Nimal De Silva ($50.00)
Well done! Think you’re gonna enjoy the style especially in this weather!
Elvira Novoselova ($50.00)
Great to see u making social impact!
All the best ji. Great Initia
Jane White ($100.00)
Uditha Ekanayake ($100.00)
Good work Ravi! You are going to like the new style 🤠
David Griffiths ($100.00)
Happy to support your cause Ravi! All the best
Patricia Poh ($50.00)
Thumbs up to help the needy
Rani Ravi ($100.00)
Mabel Choo ($80.00)
Commendable action!! Thumbs up!
Bariza Narmada ($80.00)
You've already shaved your Yogi beard.. so, now time to shave your Yogi head :P Thank you for your raising funds for a good cause.
Fiona Emmerson ($60.00)
Good luck Ravi!
Sumit Kumar ($100.00)
Hi Ravi, you are doing something great.
Lai siong Koh ($50.00)
Raymond Tan ($88.88)
Mabel's birthday present to all the Children's cancer foundation :)
Akanksha Davera ($50.00)
:) great initiative!
Serene Chia ($100.00)
True Bravery!
Vishal Bhatt ($100.00)
Go for it, Ravi! All the best.
Manimaran Kumarasamy ($50.00)
Best Wishes!
David Alwyn ($100.00)
Ravi - leading the pack with style
Michiko Low ($50.00)
Shehzad Haque ($50.00)
Well done Ravi. You’re doing a great thing. I should do this one day! Looking forward to seeing your new look!
Rosalind Goh ($50.00)
God Bless you. 😁
Pauline Ang ($100.00)
Bravo !!
Pauline Ang ($100.00)
Bravo !!
Juffri Abdullah ($50.00)
Elena Sidorochkina ($50.00)
Wishing good luck to baldness helping other people
Sergio Spinosa ($100.00)
Great lawyer and great man!
Rachel Sebborn ($50.00)
Looking forward to seeing the after shot. Well done on such a great cause
Saravanakumar P ($100.00)
Zhixiang Ke ($50.00)
Looking forward to your new hairdo bro!
Jamie Taylor ($100.00)
Great cause Ravi, well done.
Thuolase V ($100.00)
Good on you - all the best!
Jeremy Westmore ($250.00)
You have to buy lunch straight after so we can see !!!
Nicholas Kenny ($300.00)
Serene Ong ($104.00)
We all have to take baby step before running. Great initiative! One for all. All for one. For the children and many many generations to come. 👏🏻💪🏼
Felicia Loh ($100.00)
Great initiative Ravi !!!!!