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"To support d children who is suffering from Cancer"
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Online pledges - $2,790.00, Manual pledges - $100.00

Donations in support of Rohini Senanayake

Yuet Hing Chia ($100.00)
Pauline Poh Lan Lim ($100.00)
Wish all d success to ccf
Anonymous ($50.00)
Leong Keow Lim ($1,000.00)
Ramona Alice Vermeer ($100.00)
Sein Choy - Alicia Leong ($100.00)
Jai You : @ )
Ash Munas ($340.00)
Rukmal De Silva ($100.00)
Gaminie Ranjith Senanayake ($100.00)
John NLC Fernando ($100.00)
Sidat Senanayake ($200.00)
Proud of you and your effort!
Daniel Gunaseelan ($100.00)
Pushpa Somachandra ($100.00)
Siew Hwa jane Poh ($100.00)
Well done!!! Keep it up, rohini 😘😘😘
Kim Hong Lim ($100.00)
Daren Lim ($100.00)
Thank u Rohini for your brave act!!!rnCCF children &amp parent will be grateful to u.rnMy heroine....