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In memory of friends and family who fought
In support of friends and family who survived
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Online pledges - $6,425.66, Manual pledges - $0.00

Shaving Time Slot:
27 July 2019, 12pm - 1pm

Donations in support of Ryan Teng

Anonymous ($100.00)
Ah Foo Teng ($100.00)
Good Luck
Orchid Yuan ($300.00)
meilin li ($50.00)
looking forward to seeing ur hair shorter plus along a charitable cause for it!
Jake Ng ($100.00)
Wendy Low ($100.00)
Geraldine Chow ($150.00)
Thank you for believing in this cause
Ronnie Poh ($100.00)
Well done for &quotsacrificing&quot your locks for a good cause :)
Frances Ha ($50.00)
Awesome cause. So proud of you for doing this!
Rachel Goh ($50.00)
Maureen Yong ($60.00)
Loving your story of calcium boy and you championing for this by shaving your beloved hair. cant wait to you see without the long locks though!
Anonymous ($500.00)
Yashica Karanduth ($500.00)
Great effort! Brilliant cause!
Chaiwei Soh ($200.00)
Great stuff!
Asyraf A ($100.00)
Cannot wait to see you bald!
Andrew Tan ($66.66)
Hey Ryan, we admire this positive act you are doing to for the charity organisation!rnAll the best from Andrew and Natalie
Anonymous ($100.00)
Zong Xi Chum ($350.00)
Vineet Mehta ($200.00)
best wishes
Yvonne Koh ($50.00)
Well done Ryan for sacrificing your nice silky hair to a good cause!!!
Jon Loh ($100.00)
Great cause!!
Cynthia Sem ($100.00)
Thanks for contributing your hair for a good cause!
Mike Ebel ($111.00)
Anonymous ($1,500.00)
Anonymous ($688.00)
Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others. Keep up the good work!
Shi En May Cheong ($100.00)
Neeraj Haralalka ($100.00)
Good stuff Ryan!
Alain Bernasconi ($500.00)
Well done Ryan!