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"I’m blessed with selfless support from my family and friends for the past half century. Their love had kept me through ups and downs. I want to share this good kindness with the little warriors. Life is Good."
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Online pledges - $23,874.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

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29 July 2023, 3pm - 4pm

Donations in support of seek ying yong

Maria Elizabeth Sulistio ($350.00)
Kudos Seek Ying! God bless
Lantanea Don ($150.00)
Kudos Seek Ying!
YONG JU SHIM ($200.00)
Tomoko Tsumuraya ($50.00)
Jackie Chew ($500.00)
Noby Naito ($200.00)
Salute for your bravery
Lizhe Wang ($200.00)
Alwyn Lau ($200.00)
Victor Cai ($200.00)
Victor Park ($200.00)
Johnny Choi ($200.00)
Seek Ying, proud of you
Yuan Yuan Neo ($50.00)
Siew Lan Lee ($100.00)
this is a great cause! Jiayou!
Fenghui Jiang ($160.00)
Great Seek Ying! Thank you!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Mong Geok Tan ($500.00)
Kee it up!
Si Qi Rachel Low ($200.00)
Wai Yin Pang ($200.00)
I admire your courage and dedication, all the best!
Seek Ling Yong ($4,068.00)
Jia you from our mother!
Abby So ($200.00)
Ronnie Gibson ($300.00)
Tom Roche ($150.00)
Great cause - thank you for your example.
Nantha Kumaran Marimuthu ($500.00)
Seek Ying, thank you for being a true inspiration for all of us!
Edwin Wong ($100.00)
Brave and Selfless .... making an impact and a big difference.
Ai Fang Lim ($50.00)
Jun Yang Jeffrey Toh ($100.00)
Salute and appreciate your effort, Seek Ying!
Anonymous ($212.12)
Anonymous ($188.88)
Paul May ($100.00)
lesley greig ($50.00)
Great cause Seek Ying! love the new look - well done!
Anonymous ($135.00)
Support from Rick S
Xiaoxin Zheng ($150.00)
chen yee eng ($100.00)
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
Thank you for making the world a more caring place.
Seek Ling Yong ($1,000.00)
So proud of you Ying. Jia you 👍
Siu Ling Kwok ($300.00)
You are our inspiration ! Admired your love and support for the little warriors for all these years 😍❤️👍💪🙌
Scott Anderson ($200.00)
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
We are blessed to support you in this fund raising campaign.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Brian Lin ($200.00)
Let's persist in our efforts and surpass 10,000!
Yoeu Chin Cheng ($100.00)
Kong Hiong Lim ($500.00)
Dallas Kinley ($200.00)
Stefano Tranquillo ($200.00)
Well done Seek Ying, proud of you.
Ser Yong Lim ($500.00)
I salute you for doing this every year!
Eileen Poh ($100.00)
Ziad Alex TADMOURY ($300.00)
Min Sun ($100.00)
James Thompson ($100.00)
Anonymous ($300.00)
Darya Haefele ($150.00)
Michael Tng ($300.00)
Jia Yu and Best wishes!
Jit Hwee Yeo ($150.00)
加油!Blessed to be part of this kindness act.
Jeannie Seah ($50.00)
Julian Teo ($100.00)
Jia Yu
Hamish Ravindran ($500.00)
Winnie Wang ($50.00)
Yen Yen Ang ($100.00)
Bravo! *Applause*
Kia Lee Tan ($300.00)
You have our support!
Jen Ang ($50.00)
Winky Ng ($100.00)
Chris Milne-Williamson ($200.00)
Seek Ying, another year, another shaving! Good for you and hope you meet your target!
Brian Lin ($200.00)
Your action makes a big difference in the lives of children battling cancer. Thank you for allowing us to contribute to this cause alongside you.
Suren Lim Sinnadurai ($50.00)
Thanks for doing this Seek Ying!
Seong Hooi Lee ($500.00)
Hi Seek Ying,

Your kind heart and gesture is applauded! creating smile in everyone on this earth if the least we can give !
Felicia Ng ($300.00)
Jiayou! May you be newly inspired and energised once again 🙂
RL Wong ($200.00)
Boon wah Sim ($100.00)
All the best and Jiayou!!
Jia Qi Chua ($250.00)
Jiayou :)
Howe Chung Wan ($200.00)
All the best Seek Ying!
Edwin Voong ($1,000.00)
Continue to give hope to others!
Yuen Cher Ng ($250.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Life is interesting. Some of your greatest pains become your greatest strength. That is the way to help others! You rock
Imran Ashari ($100.00)
Well done!
Imelda Lim ($300.00)
Admirable spirit my dear friend!

My contribution is nothing compared to your love and support towards the little warrior out there!
Agnes Peng ($500.00)
Jia you !!
Tricia Leong ($500.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Miu Teng Ong ($10.00)
Jia you mummy ❤
Swee Thye Ong ($500.00)
You have our support,we love you! JIAYOU!
Vivien Tan ($100.00)
Wei san Wan ($150.00)
Jia you buddy!