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Shan Chih Chao

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"I’m shaving to raise awareness about childhood cancer patients, to challenge my comfort zone, to share an OBS 55th anniversary experience with my colleagues, and to look like Ancient One (Dr. Strange). Ok joking about the last part. "
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Online pledges - $215.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

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Pei Si Wong ($50.00)
Heidi Yuen ($50.00)
Wei Li Chew ($20.00)
Jessica Tan ($30.00)
Xin min Lee ($20.00)
Omg so proud of u gal!!
Natalie Choi ($20.00)
Niki Yeo ($20.00)
Wan Qing Yeoh ($5.00)
So brave of you Jena! Admire your courage to do this!!