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"To support all cancer warriors. My mum is a cancer survivor and I want to share my love through the little ways I can. I am thankful for this opportunity to participate in Hair For Hope for the second time.

Cancer is scary but the human spirit is stronger."
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Online pledges - $1,105.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Shannon Ezrela Siew

Sam Sim ($50.00)
You have my support, Shannon!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Thank you for your courage and dedication, Shannon! You're always an inspiration to all! ♡
Mabel Ang ($20.00)
Ernest Yeo ($30.00)
Proud of you Shan!
Jerome Jacquet ($20.00)
Global Citizen in action! Kudos for your courage and commitment to the cause..
Allyson Fong ($30.00)
Thank you Shannon for your generosity 😊🙏🌈
Pauline Cheng ($20.00)
That is a lovely action Shannon! rnMay you always be blessed with happiness and health.
Ong Qian Wei ($20.00)
Shawn Dillon Siew ($10.00)
Dear Sis, hope your brother is gonna make you happy!
Anonymous ($50.00)
J Scott ($20.00)
Well done, Shannon! Very proud to see your commitment to having an impact!
Sharon Ng ($10.00)
Shannon, you are great and amazing :)
Ann Tay ($100.00)
Thank you Shannon for being so amazing and courageous! Nice one!
Pauline Siew ($18.00)
Peggy Siew ($20.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Live your story,rnFaith, hope and glory.rnHold to the truth in your heart.
Elyn Chong ($10.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Jang Yuan Chao ($20.00)
All the best!
Ace Chua ($50.00)
Thanks for taking the courage to step up to support a good deed (: rn- From your BFF
Anonymous ($2.00)
Girls' true beauty comes from the inside!
Yilin Tan ($10.00)
Ye Ma Danker ($50.00)
What a beautiful act of love!❤
Debbie Tan ($50.00)
Good job, Shannon! :)
Trixi Lim ($5.00)
All the best!! Am happy to be able to give a little support :)
Su Yun Lim ($5.00)
May the sun shine on all of you
Emil Cheong ($100.00)
Thanks for doing this Shannon!
Raudhah Rahmat ($10.00)
Deon Cham ($10.00)
Juliana Lee ($50.00)
God bless you and your family Shannon! Juliana Lee and family
Jingren Yang ($10.00)
Rajvind Dhaliwal ($35.00)
&hearts️&hearts️&hearts️ - Jie Jie Mel &amp Gor Gor Raj
Ayesha Almenoar ($20.00)
You go girl! ❤
Jennifer Ong ($50.00)
Dear Shannon,rnWe are so proud of you for supporting your mum and this noble cause. rnLots of love &amp hugs,rnJennifer &amp Janelle