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Shunmugam Kanapathy

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"By shaving my head, it is a symbolic way to show children with cancer and their families that they are not alone."
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Anonymous ($50.00)
Rajandran Annamalai ($100.00)
Continue your good service
Anonymous ($100.00)
Keep up your good deed
Tamilmani perumal Mani ($50.00)
Venkatesalu Rengiah ($105.00)
Good cause ❤️&zwj🩹
Paramananthan R Govindasamy ($50.00)
Krishnamoorthy Somasundaram ($50.00)
Periesamy Murugan ($50.00)
Andrews Selvathurai Jacobs ($300.00)
Good cause &hearts️
V Sasi V Sasi ($100.00)
You are our inspiration. Keep going
Chong chew Alex Chia ($100.00)
Good cause &hearts️
Hj Mohamed Alias ($100.00)
Jagdamba Nautiyal ($200.00)
All the very best Mr Kana and you are really doing a very noble work and helping the needy.
Thank you
Maheswaran Muniandy ($100.00)
S Krishnaveni S Krishnaveni ($100.00)
Never stop the good work, you started.
Kala Bora Ganapathi ($100.00)
Positivity with hope. Giving heart, Loving Heart.
Palaniappan Palaniappan ($100.00)
Raveendran Gurusamy ($200.00)
Thank you for the opportunity to support the cause through you. Good on you, Brother.
Sivakurunathan K ($150.00)
Ramasamy Kuppusamy ($100.00)
Good Deed
Komathy P Muthiah ($50.00)
Good Deed
Kanespathy Rengsamy Mariappan ($50.00)
Good Deed &hearts️
Zin phyu Lin ($30.00)
Good deed &hearts️
Rogini Bora ($100.00)
Rogini Bora Ganapathi
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Lavanya Fobrogo ($100.00)
&ldquoBe the change you want to see in the world&rdquo - Mahatma Ghandi
Your determination and commitment is an inspiration to all of us. Love you, Periappa!
Phoa Mui Yoke Phoa ($50.00)
Good deed &hearts️
George Wong ($200.00)
Keep going 👍charity means happiness
Brian Koh ($50.00)
You will always be the the big heart brother that I always admired
Ricky Thian ($200.00)
Add Oil 🫰
CH Yeo ($50.00)
Good work
Great cause...you are a true inspiration to many of us brother
Ong Kian Heng Ong ($30.00)
Ong Kian Heng
Ng Swee Kheng Ng ($30.00)
Ng Swee Kheng
Eng Kuen Tan ($50.00)
Wong Wai Leong ($50.00)
Good job. Go for it.
Riki Boo ($50.00)
Li wei Ang ($20.00)
Koon Kim Goh ($100.00)
Keep going Anneh, the task is never ending.
Maneemaran Krishnasamy ($100.00)
Always Be Happyyyy
Ramadas Ramachandra ($200.00)
Anneh very proud of you.
Thilayamma Mariappan ($200.00)
Mariappan Thilayamma