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Soundararajan Govindasamy

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"to support the people"
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Donations in support of Soundararajan Govindasamy

Nimalan Soundararajan ($50.00)
Sammil Mohammed Kafoor ($50.00)
Supporting the good cause
Palaniappan Subramanian ($100.00)
Way to go Soundar
Madan Sugumar ($50.00)
Great job Soundar
Jothirajan Sundararaj ($50.00)
Purendiran P ($50.00)
C G ($50.00)
Commendable work, Soundar.
Anonymous ($100.00)
Mathan K
Jayakumar Periyasamy ($50.00)
Soon Cheng Goh ($100.00)
Ryan Zhuang ($50.00)
Supporting good cause with solid action.
Sean See ($50.00)
Wai Leong Mah ($50.00)
Living the GovTech value - making a BOLD move!
Selvan Marimuthu ($101.00)
Bee Kwan Lim ($200.00)
Thank you for supporting a worthy cause !
Mohana Subha B ($100.00)
Supporting the good cause.
Muhammed Naufal Zubair ($100.00)
To support the good cause!!