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"This choice is deeply personal, driven by my desire to make a tangible impact in the lives of children battling cancer. By shaving my head, I aim to show solidarity with these brave individuals, to raise awareness about childhood cancer, and to generate funds for vital research and support programs. It's a small sacrifice compared to the immense challenges these children face every day. I hope my act inspires you to join me in making a difference and spreading hope. Together, we can."
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Donations in support of SYLVESTER LOW

Mark Tang ($50.00)
Thanks for doing this again. Jiayou!
Lowey Lee ($100.00)
Lynn Lim ($50.00)
Anna S ($20.00)
Elaine Ong ($100.00)
Elaine Ong Boon Siew
Mindy Poh ($100.00)
Robin Chan ($50.00)
Good effort bro!
Nisha C ($28.00)
Well done Syl!
C J Dragon-Gaspar ($50.00)
I share your passion for this charity and you will always have my support, Sylvester!
Mohamad Latiff Rahmat ($50.00)
Norhayati Supati ($68.00)
I Support!!
Liza Alwi ($50.00)
Huishan Liang ($50.00)
Thank you for your kindness
Jeremie Khoo ($100.00)
Swee la bro
Norhayati Supati ($88.00)
I support.
Bryan Yap ($66.00)
Good job )
Angie Lim ($88.00)
Thank for your effort and courage.
Ivy Ng ($88.00)
Zhi ping Chua ($28.00)
Liang Yi Randy Tan ($138.00)
Way to go!!
Jared Mah ($28.00)
Apple Kor ($112.00)
Well done!