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"Something small and hope it will be meaningful to help those in needs

“We cannot do great things on this Earth, Only small things with great love.”
Mother Teresa
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Online pledges - $3,298.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of TANNIE TEH

Chunshan Yin ($100.00)
Well done, Tannie.
Thomas Tay ($300.00)
Many of us are very concern about the hairdo, etc. Audit team salutes your thought and courage. You are the BEST!
Peiling Li ($50.00)
Thanks for making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of beneficiaries! Well done!
Choon Gay Lee ($68.00)
Sincerely support your sincere action - keep it up Tannie
Joseph Chia ($100.00)
Thanks Tannie! Appreciate your Big-heart for this good cause!
Karen Mok ($200.00)
Hi Tannie, you are the BEST!!!!
Koong Leng Lee ($100.00)
YEE MEI FOONG ($50.00)
Proud of you! Thanks for doing this for the children :)
Pearlyn Chia ($50.00)
Thank you for your kindness
Anonymous ($20.00)
Chee pin Tan ($200.00)
Chiu Har Ng ($50.00)
Anonymous ($20.00)
kim tuan tee ($50.00)
Sharon Wong ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
加油!Always support you! You are so great! Thanks for helping those children!
Elgin Quek ($100.00)
Keep it up
Pee Ya Tan ($100.00)
Keep it up for your kindness, Tannie.
Joyce Lai ($50.00)
Thank you for doing what the rest of us cannot do. We can only support you. Cheers!
Sylvia Chan ($50.00)
It takes a lot of courage and love to make this big step! Thank you Tannie!
Athena Antonio ($50.00)
Nice one Tannie!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Sharon Lee ($50.00)
Thank you for your support for children with cancer & their families... I'm supporting you & all other ladies for your courage. Jia You!
Daniel Berenbaum ($100.00)
Thank you Tannie!
Jia Hao Lim ($50.00)
Thank You, Tannie!
Rachel LOW ($50.00)
Thank you Tannie. I support you!
PRADEEP Yelehanka ($100.00)
Anonymous ($20.00)
Support you!
Vivian Chan ($20.00)
Good gesture and really proud of you for the courage!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Support your courage for a good cause, Tannie. Gazillon "Like"! -A
Lian Tin Cheng ($100.00)
Tannie, Well done, Admire your courage.
doreen lim ($50.00)
Thank you!
Peng Huat Tan ($100.00)
Appreciate your great love to the children, salute!
Jacquelyn Phang ($50.00)
"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." May the gift brings some light and brighten the days of the recipients.
Kelly Tan ($50.00)
Thanks for the continuous good heart for CCF children
Songlei Sun ($20.00)
Support you!
Soon Ee Ang ($50.00)
Very Kind and Selfless action for a Great cause, to help the poor cancer-stricken children.
Ran Xing Ong ($20.00)
Qiuyun Ko ($50.00)
Thank for your kind heart and action to show your love and support
Kain Lu Low ($100.00)
Tannie, thank you for your continued support and kindness! Nice job!
Shi Rui Teng ($20.00)
Anonymous ($40.00)
salute you ...... Lee Fah, Candy, May Qui & Lili
Angie Lee ($10.00)
Good job!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Well done Tannie.
Jianming ZHANG ($50.00)
Well Done!
We go Together! Jia yu!
Zhiqiang Mo ($50.00)
Support you!
Siew Tee Yoong ($50.00)
Thank you
Chee Chuan Yeo ($20.00)
Keep up the spirit Tannie !