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"I hope to raise awareness within my community of child cancer. By shaving my head I aim to give an opportunity for people to sponsor me and give money to this charity, which supports these children and their families in need of financial help. Please support me or the other shavees from Nexus. Thank you!"
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Online pledges - $3,670.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of tiana samraj

Anonymous ($200.00)
Saroj Sachdeva ($200.00)
Divya Narayan ($100.00)
I am in awe of your courage and so proud of you Tia! Wishing you the very best and more power to you girl. Shine on ❤️❤️ Lots of love, Divya
Vimala Paranjothy ($50.00)
Well done Tiana! I am proud of you.
Kingsley Pandian ($200.00)
Great initiative and all the best .. Kingsley
Sabiha Mulla ($50.00)
Wish you good luck in this great endeavour.
Jess Smith ($25.00)
Congratulations on your your selfless and courageous act for charity!
Michelle Kumar ($225.00)
Vimal Goel ($50.00)
You are doing a very bold & great job. You are a true inspiration to children around you.
Way to go Tia. Soo proud of you !!!! 👏👏
Suchitra and Arthur Samraj ($100.00)
We are so proud of you dear Tia. You are wonderfully brave, bold and beautiful 💛
Pavan Prakash ($100.00)
Awesome work Tia!! May god bless :)
Johana Christopher ($100.00)
So proud of you Tia! God bless you dear.Love you
Raghavendra Ramesh ($100.00)
Love your spontaneity and how quickly you commit to your beliefs. Keep at it, Tia. It will take you places - Shilpa and Raghu
Nishtha Pathak ($50.00)
Proud of you Tia! This is amazing ❤️
Movit Ganesh Ramwani ($100.00)
Thank you for your spirit and drive. Thank you for inspiring so many of us. Keep going! Love - Surabi & Movit
Renuka Pandian ($50.00)
All the very best Tia
Minari Shah ($100.00)
Santosh Ebenezer ($30.00)
So proud of you Tia
Andrew Fordham ($25.00)
Well done Tia. You are a star. Thank you for taking part in this campaign and helping children with cancer.
Jana Rackova ($50.00)
Well done Tia! Thank you for giving up your beautiful hair for a great cause.
izzy gallego ($30.00)
I am so proud of you tia!!! I love you soo much! 💗
Brenda Hurtrez ($100.00)
Im in awe of your courage! Keep this trait as we do not have enough of this in the world!
Rachel Pochat-Cottilloux ($20.00)
Well done Tia 👏🏻
Michelle Kemper-Yeo ($100.00)
Stephanie Barton ($25.00)
Well done Tia. +rnFrom The Bartons x
Shannon Herps ($20.00)
Impressive! Good cause, Tia!
Ashok Samuel ($1,000.00)
Good for you, Tiana! You rock! - with much love and admiration, Seenu and Ashok
Christine Jacobs ($50.00)
So brave, Tia!
Pradeep David ($50.00)
Preeth Aunty & I wish you the very best Tia - you make us proud!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Lucy Milligan ($100.00)
GOOD JOB TIA!! +rnlove Lucy
Michela Zanata ($20.00)
Well done!
Anonymous ($100.00)