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Tyler Li JunLe

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"Shaving with my son "
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Tianyun Shi ($100.00)
Jindi Zhang ($50.00)
Anthony Li ($200.00)
My bravest boy!
Amalthea Ng ($50.00)
Amazing heart you have for others, Tyler!
Sharon Chiam ($100.00)
Well done Tyler! God bless your big heart!
Siew Lu Chng ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Regine Yeo ($50.00)
Lee Kok Yeow ($50.00)
Well done. Keep up with good work.
Melodyee Loh ($50.00)
You are so brave Tyler! :)
Hui Ping Woon ($80.00)
Bravo! You are awesome!
Melissa mei yi Lim ($50.00)
Great job Tyler!
Yukie Dohi ($51.00)
Wan Ling May Chua ($50.00)
Ben Lim ($51.00)
Well done Tyler!
Zhaoqing Cristalle Szeto ($100.00)
Sharon Wang ($100.00)
Brave boy!