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"I lost my friend because of osteosarcoma last January and I want to honor her memory."
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E T ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($20.00)
Marieke Barker ($100.00)
Lye Lee Patrick ONG ($50.00)
Well Done! 👍👍 加油!💪💪
Teck Khoon GOH ($200.00)
Good job done.
Irene Ho ($100.00)
Very awesome n inspiring act. Im touched💖
Anonymous ($50.00)
Lots of love and light x
Anonymous ($50.00)
Dear Val, sorry for the lost of your friend. GOD must be so proud of your big heart! You're a blessing to those around you. With my love and HIS.
Eunice Lee ($100.00)
Priscilla Gan ($200.00)
We are so proud of you, Valerie! Thanks for being an inspiration to us!
Kim Fung Chee ($50.00)
Very touched by your actions. Jia you! 💪
Caryl Loh ($100.00)
True friendship lives on forever! Well done Valerie 😍
Sow Fung Leong ($120.00)
So proud of you, Valerie! Well done!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Dear Ashley, your kindness is an inspiration to many. I am sure you will touch many more hearts &hearts️
Shirley Low ($20.00)
👍 👍 proud of you
Anonymous ($250.00)
Johnny Chan ($50.00)
Very brave girl Valerie, so proud of you!
Shanne Liong ($50.00)
Proud of you Valerie!
Yu Ching Lee ($100.00)
I am so sorry you lost your friend Valerie but am so proud of you to do this! Well done for being so brave!
vicky toh ($100.00)
AndreaDerrick Ng ($80.00)
What you are doing is amazing. You are braver than many adults!Well done Valerie!
Lilly De Geytere ($50.00)
Wengfoo Chua ($20.00)
Ali Baker ($50.00)
You are truly an inspiration. I'm so sorry you lost your friend - she would be so proud of you x
Andrew Fordham ($25.00)
Well done Valerie. You are a star. Thank you for taking part in this campaign and helping children with cancer.
Benecia Thia ($20.00)
You are really brave for doing this Valerie, proud of you! :)
Crystal Chan ($30.00)
So proud of you Val!!
Malakai Johnston ($50.00)
I am sad you lost your friend to osteosarcoma. You are an inspiration and a BIG Risk Taker.
Benedict Thia ($20.00)
Hi Valerie, +rnExtremely proud of what you're doing, all the best!+rn+rnRegards,+rnBen
Anonymous ($500.00)
Well done Valerie! I am so proud of you.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Valerie, you are so brave and kind to others. Proud of you.
Anonymous ($100.00)
You are so thoughtful and kind. Amazing girl! I am so touched by your actions. Well done Valerie 👏
Michela Zanata ($20.00)
Well done Valerie, I really admire your courage! I also lost my best friend to osteosarcoma many years ago ❤️ Thank you for your great example
Anonymous ($20.00)
You are an inspiration, Well done!
Gabby Zhou ($50.00)
You are an angle.
Anonymous ($20.00)
Well done
Anonymous ($100.00)
Karianne Di Salvo ($50.00)
Your friend would be very proud of you. Absolutely amazing Valerie - you are an inspiration! You are going to rock the bald look! Well done!
B Rock ($160.00)
JUDY COOPER ($200.00)
Amazing thing you are doing - I'm so impressed!
Ronan D ($10.00)
Great work Valerie!
Anna Sykes ($50.00)
So wonderful of you to support this cause. Well done for being so brave !!! I applaud you. Ms Anna
Anonymous ($50.00)
Go Valerie!! You are amazing!! Cheers for helping the kids!
Henry Le Jeune ($50.00)
Incredible bravery Valerie and I'm sure your friend would be extremely proud.
Monica de Waal ($200.00)
Dear Valerie, you continue to inspire us all!
Heather Millington ($200.00)
You are fantastic for doing this Valerie! You are braver than me.
Anonymous ($40.00)
Kevin Ohn ($20.00)
Cheers, Valerie!
Vicky Holdcroft ($20.00)
Wow - this is amazing that you are going to do this!! Well done!!