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Valliappan Selvam

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"I lost my father to cancer, and it is a good cause to support the Hair for Hope as every shaven head symbolizes the understanding of the difficulties faced by a child with cancer. The act of shaving helps to increase awareness of childhood cancer and also presents itself as a chance to amass monetary support from the public.
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Online pledges - $5,040.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Valliappan Selvam

Anonymous ($30.00)
Good job Selvam! Hope all of us will stay healthy!
Edwin Koh ($30.00)
Thank you for being a rock star ! Your willingness to go bald for this cause is really awesome
Wey Ling Yew ($50.00)
Chee Wen Heng ($20.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Wishing everyone happiness and good health in their lives.
Anonymous ($50.00)
CS Ng ($50.00)
Well done
Guangyu Hi ($20.00)
Su Ming Lok ($200.00)
You have such a beautiful soul
Hsiao Piau Ng ($100.00)
Eddy Blokken ($100.00)
Selvam, hope it can support sone people in hard times
Roshan Rajappa ($100.00)
Good deed Selvam. I lost my Dad and uncle to Cancer. I know the pain. Thanks man for doing this.
Yvonne Soh ($100.00)
Behind you all the way Selvam!
Vun Ching Chan ($50.00)
Way to go, thanks Selvam! : )
Joon Kit Lai ($20.00)
Thanks, Selvam, for supporting such an meaningful cause!
Terence Tan ($50.00)
Thank you for showing the way and being a role model for many.
Anonymous ($50.00)
All the best!
Terence Tan ($50.00)
Bless you Selvam!
Yvonne See ($10.00)
Wan Yu Yong ($20.00)
Bless you and your family Mr Selvam☺️
Kenny Low ($20.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Good job Selvam!
Victor Han ($50.00)
Thank you for your compassion, my friend!
Nyuk Hien Wong ($50.00)
Good work. 👏👏👏
Anonymous ($20.00)
Thanks Selvam for helping to create awareness!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Great way to stay cool while doing good.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Steady Bom Bibi Selvam !! Shaved and Beautiful
Thangavel Pandi Mounaguru ($100.00)
Ayya, Be Blessed, this is a great noble cause.
Anonymous ($100.00)
Well done, Selvam. Thanks for stepping forward for the good cause.
Anonymous ($200.00)
Thank you Selvam for letting me join you in this meaningful cause.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Maisie Koh ($50.00)
Thanks Selvam!
Tai Fatt Cheng ($100.00)
Meaningful cause.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Thanks Selvam
Pei Chen Ng ($10.00)
Well done
Anonymous ($20.00)
All the best Selvam
Wei Jie Ng ($10.00)
Hi Mr Selvam, hope all is well for you. Surely for good cause
Joel Teng ($50.00)
Thanks for standing for this meaningful cause
Varinder Singh Bal ($50.00)
Live Long and prosper 🖖
Ziyi Yang ($100.00)
Rakesh Raveendran ($250.00)
Jia Lin Goh ($100.00)
Thanks Selvam!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Support Selvam's good cause!
Kee Leong Sim ($20.00)
Billy Yap ($100.00)
A very meaningful way to show care.
Anonymous ($300.00)
Arulalan Narayanasamy ($100.00)
Anonymous ($40.00)
Steady bro!
Magdalene Tan ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Way to go, Selvam! And speedy gro*** 🤗
Anonymous ($30.00)
Majid Sapar ($50.00)
Chin San Ng ($50.00)
Selvam - keep up the good work
Jocelyn Chua ($200.00)
Anonymous ($20.00)
Way to go, Selvam.
Venkatachalam Valliappan ($50.00)
Boon Chiao Choo ($100.00)
Tian Chong Tan ($200.00)
Edward Ang ($200.00)
Good cause! Thank you, Selvam :)
Anonymous ($200.00)
Bald and beautiful
Zhimin Chen ($200.00)
Great job Selvam! Let us do our part together!
Wendy Li ($100.00)
Li Sirh Tan ($200.00)
Thanks Selvam!