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"It's a privilege and honour to be able to support the Hair for Hope event for the third time! I'm also excited that my son will be joining me in a cause that's close to my heart - boldly going bald while raising funds for the well-being of children with cancer AND showing them it's okay to be bald! A big thank you to our family, friends, and well wishers - I'm looking forward to your continued generous support. For the children - Here we GO!"
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Online pledges - $21,260.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Viju Chakarapany

Anonymous ($500.00)
Ronnie Ng ($200.00)
Great job Viju ! Well done !
Yi Jin Teo ($100.00)
Li Yen Loh ($100.00)
Suresh Kumar Tangavelu ($300.00)
Great effort, Viju!!
Kurt Bridge ($50.00)
Anonymous ($250.00)
Anonymous ($500.00)
Anonymous ($5,000.00)
For the children - from us to you!
TUCK SOON TANG ($2,000.00)
YIm Cheng Siew ($200.00)
Benedikt Kubik ($500.00)
Thank you for continuing yo raise awareness!
Harkiran Sandhu ($150.00)
Bless you Viju !
Anonymous ($100.00)
Ameeta Roy ($200.00)
May Leong ($500.00)
Savitha Nayak ($100.00)
Go Viju Go !!
Janet Yung ($100.00)
Matthew Hardman ($100.00)
You are a champion for doing this mate, well done.
Enzo Compagnoni ($150.00)
Great cause Viju. The aerodynamic look suits you
Anonymous ($100.00)
Good luck 👍
Jayaprakash Thiyagarajan ($200.00)
Fantastic cause and commitment Viju. Glad to support.
Emily Penaredondo ($100.00)
Way to go Viju 👌 so proud of you and all the Red Hatters who participated and supported this good cause 👍
William Chan ($200.00)
Wei Jek Keng ($100.00)
I see you try to copy my look... must say you look more handsome like that 😀
Anonymous ($500.00)
Sunu Ghani ($100.00)
God bless all!
Eve Goh ($128.00)
Thank you for giving them &ldquoI have a dream&rdquo!
Yenny Wong ($50.00)
Such a great cause Viju! Hope this little something goes a long way!
Colin Ng ($200.00)
Eyebrows next year!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Philip Yeap ($100.00)
Good job Viju looking even sharper now
Rakesh Menon ($200.00)
Great initiative Viju!. Keep going!
Rajesh Sreenivasan ($500.00)
Great initiative bro and for a great cause. Cheers.
Vajira Weerasekera ($500.00)
Great cause and love what u do. I will double this donation if you promise to maintain the after look!!!
Rocky Boy ($100.00)
I&rsquod like the &ldquoafter&rdquo look more :)
Genevieve Antonio ($100.00)
Renata Liew ($100.00)
Good work bro!
Yuvaraj Turiahdassu ($108.00)
Well done, I am proud of you. Keep the spirit up and continue making this world a better place.
Nicholas Kraal ($200.00)
Sharminee Naidu ($100.00)
Well done!
Lennie Tan ($100.00)
Thank you!
Shye Cheng Daniel Aw ($100.00)
June/Peggy Tan ($50.00)
Marjet andriesse ($500.00)
Great Cause! Great team. Go Red Hat Go:-) Thank You Viju for your 3d time
Sreedevy S ($500.00)
Well done dear!
Jean Pong ($100.00)
Go Viju! Amazing effort every year, great tenacity.
Sushama Chakrapani ($200.00)
Anonymous ($599.00)
Way to go Viju!! ps. get a free drink if you guess who this donation is from :-)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Nalla Thamby ($200.00)
Natasha Kwan ($200.00)
Making Lives Better!
Aishah Jaffar ($250.00)
You are awesome for doing this every year!
Burzeen Vakil ($100.00)
Thank you Viju
Anonymous ($100.00)
Nice to know that your boy is joining you for this good cause.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Jeremy Joo ($100.00)
Inspirational! Good Father and Son Bonding as well.
Kapil Shukla ($100.00)
Great to see your dedication on this cause, Viju.
Riff Lim ($200.00)
Great to see you and your son doing this together this year!
Suresh Sankaran ($100.00)
Anonymous ($500.00)
Awesome work Viju and great to have your son involved too. The world needs more of you! Look forward to the &lsquoafter&rsquo pics :)
whye mun sun ($200.00)
Great cause! V nice to include your family in this as well.
Rashmi Patel ($150.00)
It's inspiring to see your passion continue across generations, well done Viju.
Jane Loh ($100.00)
All the best!
rahul Vijayan ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Sijin Pisharody ($250.00)
Thanks for doing this Viju, and happy to be a small part of your campaign!
Anonymous ($250.00)
Sunil Ji ($100.00)
Pls accept my humble offerings for the cause.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Peter Man ($100.00)
Sachin Kharsani ($100.00)
Continue your amazing annual ritual for this great cause Viju !
Abhishek Shukla ($100.00)
Very noble and thoughtful gesture every year.+rnExcited to see your son join in and hope he carries on this legacy of selflessness towards others.
Anonymous ($200.00)
Viju, kind thing to be doing, good on you and your son!
S K Selva ($100.00)
Serena Ho ($100.00)
Anonymous ($150.00)
Selflessness across generations. 🙏🏽
Anonymous ($100.00)
For the children! Let's do this!