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"To show cancer patients and their parents that they are not alone.
Cant bear the sight of people teasing cancer patients and parents who deserve nothing but mad respect.
This is for my PE teacher and his son.I really respect what he has done for his son.He is still able to juggle his family and work life. Hopefully i get to see that smile of yours once in awhile. Hope he gets better and follows in your footsteps :) Apologies for giving you a headache for my playfulness :p "
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Wan Family ($50.00)
Wishing your teacher's son full recovery. Thanks for doing your part to raise awareness and funds.
Mimi Ong ($250.00)
From Mimi your #1 supporter
Chin Beng Ong ($50.00)
From auntie Rachel and Xiao Jiu Jiu
TECK MENG Lee ($50.00)
In support of cancer patients. From: Daddy, mummy, sister.
Hwee Hoon Ong ($50.00)
Proud of you Wenrui! An act out of your comfort zone! Pray for the boy speedy full recovery
Chin Wee Ong ($50.00)
Jerome Dave Lee Ong ($1.00)
From your dear cousins
Shaoxuan Zheng ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)