Wing Fong Watt

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"To do my part and help raise funds for a good cause."
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Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $15,850.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Shaving Time Slot:
28 July 2018, 3pm - 4pm

Donations in support of Wing Fong Watt

Catherine Low ($100.00)
You are great
Sui Lan Tang ($50.00)
Siew Hong Tan ($100.00)
Pek Kie Sin ($200.00)
I salute you
Bella Bek ($50.00)
Wow! 👍🏻
Anonymous ($200.00)
Mahathir Jamah ($50.00)
Go for it, Dr Watt! Awesome
Carolyn Goh ($100.00)
Guan Kim Chuah ($100.00)
Tony Tan ($500.00)
Ling Lee Tan ($100.00)
Anonymous ($30.00)
Thiam Soon Soh ($20.00)
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu
I Wuen Lee ($1,000.00)
Admire your courage to do this!
June VK Tan ($200.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Yang Chua ($1,000.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
Very proud of you dear Wing Fong.🤗
Miew kheng Chang ($50.00)
Ho Yoke Chan ($50.00)
U r v courageous
Jing Jye Chee ($1,000.00)
Siew Eng Quek ($60.00)
Awesome! Thumbs double up on this bold gesture. Wishing you all the success in this fundraising project for the CCF.
Joon Pang Guan ($60.00)
Ah Wah Mah ($60.00)
Wendy Lee ($50.00)
Hi Dr Watt, doubt u still rmb me. I chance upon your FB and come across this. I’m donating in support to you. You have such great heart.
Dora Tan ($50.00)
Great courage!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Karolyn Goh ($200.00)
Adelina Wong ($200.00)
Brave girl. Good job.
Min Li Yeap ($200.00)
Judy Wong ($200.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Chiang Yin Wong ($100.00)
Abdul Razakjr Omar ($1,000.00)
God Blessed ! Awesomely courageous !
Brenda Low ($1,000.00)
God bless you, Wing Fong!
Chee Chuen Loo ($200.00)
Well done
Anonymous ($50.00)
Well done Wing Fong!
simon ng ($150.00)
awesome for a good cause
Haw Chong Chang ($500.00)
Sook Yean Lim ($150.00)
You are so brave! 加油💪🏻💪🏻!
Sook Yean Lim ($150.00)
Veronica Toh ($200.00)
Sarah Koh ($300.00)
You have a very big heart Dr Watt! :)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Well done Wing Fong. Admire your courage.
Wing Chun Watt ($500.00)
A tremendously brave undertaking! &quotDai loh&quot will support you all the way.
Kiak Wong ($100.00)
Anonymous ($300.00)
Tracey Lim ($200.00)
Shu mei Cheng ($50.00)
Peiyi Wang ($50.00)
Your courage is admirable! 💪
Kayla Chua ($200.00)
Admire your courage Dr Watt!
Charity Low Cheng Hong ($100.00)
Glad to share your empathy with patients
Das Family ($70.00)
What a great thing you are doing! 💪🏻
Claudia Yee Men Chin ($50.00)
Basil Wu ($100.00)
Mee Soong Wong ($100.00)
👍🏼 Bravo!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Ysn Yeo ($50.00)
Always support wing fong
Chuan Kit Foo ($500.00)
Way to go Wing Fong!
E Ching Tan ($300.00)
Nan Soon Wong ($200.00)
admire your courage ! all the best!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Kok Ying Tan ($100.00)
Bailey Rae Wang ($100.00)
Dr Watt, we love you. Thank you for putting others before yourself! Wish to grow up in your footsteps! ♡♡♡
Kin chan Wong ($200.00)
Soon Yin Tjan ($500.00)
Thank you for great work for children and their families!
Anonymous ($500.00)
Yvone Quek ($50.00)
Dr Watt, Thumbs up...... (^^,)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($150.00)
Well done, Wing Fatt!
Irene Jonathan Chua Wee ($500.00)
Looking great! Proud of you!!
Anonymous ($200.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)