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Xander Tay

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"I would like to support my family members who have suffered from cancer and the kids who have to live with cancer."
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Marianne Li ($15.00)
CN Teo ($20.00)
Winston Tay ($500.00)
I shall polish your head with much pride so the goodness of your heart may shine as bright as your classroom lights reflecting off your bald head.
phylia poh ($10.00)
Steven Teo ($50.00)
Exceed target liao!
Meiru Jiang ($50.00)
Go Xander! Bless your heart! :)
Kelvin Ang ($50.00)
Well done! :)
Tristan Teo ($5.00)
#Baldies 😎😎😎
Kil Wee Lau ($100.00)
Xan, you are a worthy role model. So very very proud of you. Fighting !
Natasha Lau ($20.00)
Happy for you, Xanny boy 🫶🏻
Susie Tay ($100.00)
Susan Ting Lan Tay ($500.00)
Susie Tay ($30.00)
U will look gorgeous !
Anonymous ($20.00)
u r amazing 👍🏽
Liza Poh ($100.00)
Proud of my boy for supporting and bringing awareness to this cause!
rednaX yaT ($20.00)
-ur dearest friend
Tristan Tan ($5.00)