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"To express my support and stand in solidarity with all the children in Singapore battling against cancer, especially those who lose their hair in the process of chemotherapy. I hope that the money raised will make a difference in these children’s lives and help alleviate the struggles that they face. Please support me in contributing to this worthy cause!"
Target amount:
Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $60,200.00, Manual pledges - $600.00

Donations in support of Yik Luen Hoong

Mark Ong ($100.00)
Raymond Goh ($1,000.00)
Bernard Lim ($1,000.00)
Well done! Great cause
Guan Fung Tua ($100.00)
Well done, my friend!
Eddie Ong ($100.00)
Dawn Leong ($100.00)
Have my support, always!!
Siew Pheng Ooi ($100.00)
Keng Hong Chua ($100.00)
Tai Soon Hiak ($100.00)
Fongtien Miao ($50.00)
Good job and best of luck!
Seng Bee Lim ($500.00)
Ronny Tan Chong Tee ($1,000.00)
Tuck kan woo ($1,000.00)
Jean Ang ($1,000.00)
Fung Ee Lim ($1,000.00)
Still handsome
Joseph Soh ($100.00)
Talib K Dohadwala ($100.00)
Good stuff Hoong
Kok Poh Ng ($100.00)
Hwee seah Lim ($100.00)
Chew San Lee ($100.00)
Respect your courage !
Peng Chew Khoo ($100.00)
Well done!
Yvonne Chua ($300.00)
Neo Chin ($250.00)
Voon Keong Yong ($500.00)
Yunhan Zhu ($200.00)
Well done!
Boh Kwee Toh ($200.00)
Hwee Chin Lee ($300.00)
Wow! Good on daddy and daughter!
June Long ($2,000.00)
This is a cause close to my heart. I applaud your courage!
Patrick Yeo ($1,000.00)
Well done
Lena Lim ($300.00)
Ai Ning Wee ($1,000.00)
Sharing in your concrete action to support the kids!
Sek Tien Hoh ($200.00)
Fiona Shi ($100.00)
Millicent Lai ($1,000.00)
Thumbs up !
Yik Luen Hoong ($7,600.00)
1 for 2 dollars matching to donations by my generous friends on day: 30 May 2019.
Juan Hoong ($88.00)
So proud of you papa!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Hin Wah Ho ($1,000.00)
Vinod Vasnani ($500.00)
Yew Ting Kuo ($500.00)
Cheryl Chia ($100.00)
Maureen Ding ($1,000.00)
Well- done!
boon ping chua ($100.00)
Anne Yeo ($800.00)
A great show of support for a worthy cause
Joyce Toh ($1,000.00)
Stephen Ng ($1,000.00)
Great effort! Look at it as gaining face instead of losing hair.
Sally Hoong ($300.00)
ChangLee Liow ($500.00)
Getting handsomer!
William Tong ($1,000.00)
Janet Liem ($500.00)
Olivia Shen ($100.00)
great cause!
Beatrice Chen ($200.00)
Thank you for taking part in this worthy cause. All the best for a successful fundraiser !
Carolyn Tan ($100.00)
Hoong you need to post a pic of your new look after !
Xin Feng ($200.00)
Eunice Phua ($50.00)
Victor Wong ($200.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
Dad & Mum ($200.00)
Julie Lim ($100.00)
You go Yik Luen ! Warm Regards. Kitt
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
Anonymous ($3,000.00)
Thian Seng Oon ($200.00)
Lots of people want you bald!
Pearlyn Chong ($888.00)
Yik Luen Hoong ($7,463.00)
2nd tranche 1-for-2 marching to the generous donation by my friends, ending 31 May. The last matching will be done on 12 Jun. 😀
Brian Wee ($200.00)
Calvin Kho ($100.00)
Eddy Chan ($100.00)
Hak Bin Chua ($80.00)
Ber Luen Lien ($1,000.00)
Well done!
Kah Siong Chang ($500.00)
Ingrid Wong ($500.00)
Great cause!! 👍👍💪💪
William Chung ($50.00)
All the best 大姑丈! From Ethan and William
Mui Jun TAN ($200.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Lawrence Pang ($100.00)
HOONG - Good of you to support your daughters big heart. Point to note for myself in the future for my kids :)
Suzanne Koh ($100.00)
Elizabeth Low ($500.00)
SHIBIN YU ($4.00)
Yoke Siam Ngooi ($100.00)
Adrian Ang ($200.00)
Chee Kin Wong ($100.00)
Beng Huat Chua ($1,000.00)
Zhong Chen ($200.00)
Kang Yee Chang ($200.00)
Jin Heng Oon ($1,000.00)
Well Done Chief!
Tan Family ($300.00)
Adelene Tan ($500.00)
Ivy Luo ($200.00)
Anonymous ($500.00)
KOK SIONG NG ($200.00)
Catherine Tan ($1,000.00)
Well done, Hoong!
Yik Luen Hoong ($4,767.00)
Final 1-for-2 matching tranche. Nice to have so many generous friends to support me going bald! Thanks!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Yew Wah Liew ($200.00)
Poh Min Lam ($200.00)
Stephen Chan ($100.00)
Hoong, Well done!
HAN LIM CHONG ($200.00)
Han Lim Chong ($10.00)
Topping up to reach the $60k milestone! :)
Charles Fang ($100.00)
Rohit Bhattacharjee ($100.00)
Great cause and God Bless
Andrew Tan ($200.00)
Great cause by a great man!