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"For charity and to set an example for my kids to let them understand the plight of these unfortunate kids/adults who are suffering from Cancer and are Bald.

Note: If available 4XL T-Shirt size will be appreciated."
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Online pledges - $2,066.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Ying Chuin Tan

Ming Yu Hiew ($20.00)
Such a great role model for your kids!
Belinda Ng ($100.00)
Ann Ann Boo ($88.00)
Thank you for the good effort.
PS Lau ($100.00)
Thanks for helping the children (:
Alarice Foo ($100.00)
Theresa Tan ($100.00)
A little care to support the drive that there is hope.
Sean Ang ($100.00)
You will like to me soon!
Frankie Ng ($200.00)
Thank you for helping the kids
Linda Hoon ($200.00)
Annie Teo ($50.00)
Good Job !
Anonymous ($50.00)
Keep it up, brother!
KM Nah ($288.00)
Wise man and a wonderful dad!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Good job.
Soo Cheng Chua ($50.00)
Good job and good role model
Howard Dan ($100.00)
Proud of u, bro!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Good Job!
Lee Fah Then ($50.00)
Dawn Ho ($50.00)
Can save a lot on shampoo 😋
Victor Chong ($50.00)
Go! Go! Go! All the best!
Chong Peng How ($50.00)
All the best, Jacky
Lezlie Neo ($100.00)
Man Kit Chung ($20.00)
Support YDD
Tek Sing Lim ($50.00)
Well done