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Yolanda Gu

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"Hope to help more children, give them hope, and let them know you are not alone. 希望以我小小的举动,能为孩子们募捐更多,让他们知道在这个世界上有很多的人都在默默的支持他们。"
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Online pledges - $20,329.00, Manual pledges - $1,305.00

Donations in support of Yolanda Gu

WA HING TING ($100.00)
Maria Levanti ($100.00)
Huiping Qiu ($100.00)
Lili Liang ($100.00)
大家都爱心满满, 赞 Crystal Beauty Spa 把助人为乐精神传送给大家💕,
Crystal Beauty Pte ltd ($500.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Stenphel Yeo ($100.00)
Well done!!!
Lyn Jia Yeo ($50.00)
Annabelle yeo
Apple Lin ($50.00)
Vivian Wang ($60.00)
HUA MIN LIM ($1,000.00)
Han Xu ($100.00)
Lucy Lu ($88.00)
内外都是COOL GIRL 加油! 
Fang Fang ($50.00)
Stephen Beng ($100.00)
Thank you for making a statement to tell children with cancer that it's OK to be bald - for going beyond self to give them hope and for inspiring us!
Anonymous ($75.00)
Jing Zhou ($100.00)
Yan Shuping ($100.00)
Huo Yuanpei ($60.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Huazheng Qin ($2,000.00)
Anonymous ($3,300.00)
Andy Tan ($100.00)
Proud of you, Yolanda
Sean Lee ($200.00)
Yolanda 加油!
Benjamin Ho ($300.00)
Max Shih ($200.00)
christele knights ($100.00)
I admire your courage, what an example to many!
Joelle Yap ($200.00)
LIT SAM CHONG ($100.00)
Ian Sea ($150.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
leon yap ($10.00)
Joe Teo ($50.00)
SHERO Incarnate !!!
Alvina Aw ($50.00)
Say Liang Tan ($50.00)
Kenneth Koh ($50.00)
Phillip Nova Pte Ltd ($1,305.00)
Patrick Liu ($20.00)
David Chiam ($100.00)
Jerry Zhou ($500.00)
Thank you for your effort and support to the kids!
Mike Chen ($65.00)
I truly appreciate your courage to shave and to fight against cancer together with children!
Jess Siow ($50.00)
Bravo! Salute your courage !
Sze Yee Tan ($200.00)
Thank you all at Phillip Nova for this great effort.
KAIXIN SHEN ($50.00)
Good Luck!!!
Anonymous ($88.00)
Janice Hsieh ($100.00)
Wong Sam ($135.00)
Anonymous ($30.00)
Alex Shi ($50.00)
Fiona Han ($100.00)
Vince Turcotte ($250.00)
Go for it Yolanda! Bald is the new ***y!
Tiger Shi ($200.00)
Great effort Yolanda!
Chun Ho Sammy Wong ($50.00)
Always at your back.
Anonymous ($200.00)
Hope the world is full of joy and love. Support Yolanda
Shuhang Fang ($50.00)
Jia Han ($100.00)
Mingyuan Xu ($300.00)
Support for hope.
Cyndi Dong ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Feng Sekfei ($100.00)
YH Yap ($28.00)
xinhong Jiang ($20.00)
Anonymous ($275.00)
Kenneth Ng ($111.00)
Well done Yolanda!
Poh Chern Lim ($30.00)
Anonymous ($150.00)
Steven Wong ($100.00)
Highest respect on your determination, courage and sacrifice to make it happen.
Alice Tao ($100.00)
Go girl, you super 😚 the best
Ivy Chee ($50.00)
Kudos for coming forth to bald your head. Salute for your bravery.
Anonymous ($100.00)
Yingmin Tuang ($20.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Chao shun Yang ($100.00)
Hoon Sun Loh ($200.00)
Chelsea Tong ($10.00)
Chaisin Lee ($50.00)
Cool! 👍🏻
Evelyn Yip ($28.00)
巾帼不让须眉~ 赞
Jackson zheng ($50.00)
yubo zhu ($1,000.00)
Phillip China ($256.00)
Thank you everyone for being a part of this inspiring cause.
Anonymous ($100.00)
TK Wong ($100.00)
Shirley Bay ($100.00)
Very proud of you, Yolanda!
Anonymous ($200.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
well done. oumph!!!
May Wong ($50.00)
Roy Foo ($50.00)
Zhang Cathy ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
Proud with you
Hendrick Ng ($100.00)
Jun Jie Chow ($50.00)
Yidong Peng ($50.00)
Hugo Xu ($50.00)
Zheng Wang ($50.00)
Kathy Yen ($100.00)
Kathleen Seah ($100.00)
Your courage is truly commendable - gotta support! This would mean so much for children with cancer, especially the girls and their caregivers! 💪🏼
Lily Gao ($100.00)
Yvonne Tan ($50.00)
Cool!( and especially so thereafter:)
Ah Ya ($100.00)
Salute to 我们的女中豪杰
Eva Tan ($100.00)
winsome leung ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($30.00)
Thanks for taking this brave step and being an inspiration.
Choon Wei Koh ($20.00)
Lucky Yang ($100.00)
Deepest respect for you! (&ldquov&rdquo) Way to go girl!
ALVIN EE ($20.00)
Alston Chang ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
JUN YANG ($100.00)
Mun Yiu Leung ($100.00)
Liwen Zhang ($50.00)
Ding He ($100.00)
I hope everyone can be stayed away from disease and grow up healthily!
Jack WANG ($50.00)
Peige Zhang ($100.00)
Brian Loo ($1,000.00)
Jerome Lee ($100.00)
Support your bravery!
Eunice Onn ($200.00)
Sean Tan ($50.00)
Our 1st Female Shavee!!! Salute!!!