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"my father passed away because of cancer and I want to support children who have cancer too"
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Donations in support of Yu Cong Kwang

Kai Jie Kwang ($10.00)
Go lil bro
LooFei Kwang ($200.00)
Jenny Tan ($500.00)
I support you, Yu Cong! 👍
Valerie Tan ($50.00)
Good job Yu Chong! Your father will be proud of you!
MING HUI LIM ($88.00)
Bravo Yu Cong !!!
Hooi Shin Kwang ($100.00)
Way to go Yu Cong!
Geok Khim Cheng ($100.00)
Well done YC!!
Mun Yuen Wong ($100.00)
Proud of you, Yu Cong!
Eng Ching Kooi ($200.00)
Proud of you.
Mun Hoong Wong ($500.00)
Be strong!
Mei Yhee Kwang ($100.00)
Liesl Tan ($100.00)
Ling Seow Chang ($5,000.00)
Great initiative Yu Cong, small action, Big Heart !!
Chin Yee Lai ($300.00)
化作春泥更护花 💪🏼
Juliet Tan ($100.00)
Ivy Ho ($100.00)
Well done Yu Cong ❤
Cheng Eng Gaw ($40.00)
Praise Lord for your efforts to help others!!
Renee Ho ($1,000.00)
I can see a lot of papa in you - a big heart, a kind soul, and overall a selfless boy who puts others before himself. Thank u friends and family too.
Dawn Ho ($500.00)
Proud of you, Yu Chong - to be thinking of helping others during this difficult time. Stay strong! With lots of love from all of us in London.
Chin Yeng Choo ($100.00)
Wong Florence ($300.00)
Stay strong and God will bless you abundantly because you are so kind hearted
Daniel Loh ($50.00)
Yu Cong, I’m sure your dad is proud of you. Live life to the fullest and trust in the same Jesus who has been his peace & strength.
Karen Shang ($50.00)
Yucong 加油
Gilbert Ho ($100.00)
Proud of you Yu Cong. Be strong.
Ghee Chee Phua ($100.00)
Hui Bee Ong ($200.00)
Proud of you, Yu Cong!
Linda Loo ($100.00)
Good job Yu Cong!
Anonymous ($500.00)
Angeline Loh ($100.00)
Your dad will be proud of you, Yu Cong. Thank you Renee, what a testimony this is!
Steven Loo ($1,000.00)
Hi Yu Chong, We are so proud of you. That you are doing something positive in the midst of your grief. Your big heart will touch many. Well done.
Rachel Ho ($100.00)
Love from 阿姨
Hao Yang Kwang ($20.00)
Yew Meng Tye ($200.00)
YC, Thou u r young but u have a Big Heart and u r selfless in whatever u do. Stay strong for the Lord will be with u always Yew Meng & Carine Tye
Richard Ho ($100.00)
Good job Yu Cong!
Jervin Ho ($10.00)
Wai Ling Ng ($200.00)
加油 Yu Cong! 💪🏼💪🏼 👏🏼👏🏼
Anonymous ($20.00)
CK Soh ($100.00)
Ur Dad would be proud.
Zhi Qi Aw ($50.00)
Jia you!
Raelene n Evan n Kayla Leong ($80.00)
Yu cong you’re the BEST!!!
Linette Chan ($20.00)
take care; God bless
Victor Cheung ($300.00)
Suat pek Lim ($1,000.00)
Kok Leong Goh ($50.00)
Yu Cong 好样的, 加油
Siam Lang Chang ($130.00)
Yu cong, 你父亲的精神永在 ! 愿你们兄弟仨加油 ! 要照顾好妈妈。。
Chee Wah Ho ($60.00)
Stay strong, take care!
Chiew Keok Lee ($50.00)
Proud of you, Yu cong! May the Lord bless your heart of love for those with cancer! Your Dad would have been so proud of you!! Aunty Chiew
Nehemiah Yen ($50.00)
Dear Yu Cong, you have the support of my brothers and I. Jiayou!
Anonymous ($100.00)
God bless you dear.
Vicky Hung ($100.00)
God love you !
Anonymous ($50.00)
Ee Fu & Family Kwang ($300.00)