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Yuvraaj Moolchandani

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"I have always felt bad for people who have this disease and sadly have to go bald not by choice but to save their lives so I feel like I want to go bald so that I can empathise with them and be more appreciative of my hair ."
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Warren Tan ($8.00)
Hello drink prime stay hydrated
Vinesh Motwani ($50.00)
Thank you for your effort supporting this great cause. Well done!
Anonymous ($20.00)
Proud of you Yuvraaj. God bless you.
Prakash Jia Rangani ($200.00)
Continue inspiring ✨
Benjamin Tan ($10.00)
Manesh Moolchandani ($25.00)
Keep it up. Proud of you.
Manika Budhrani ($100.00)
Thats my boy
Muhammad Hasan ($10.00)
I am Hasan
Bus Bus ($10.00)
Tristan Teo ($3.00)
Let's go Yuvraag let's be baldies together 😎🤙🏻