Zahaan Daver Vasu

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"To help children with cancer. And because many of my family have survived cancer in the last year. "
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Online pledges - $2,650.00, Manual pledges - $160.00

Donations in support of Zahaan Daver Vasu

Anonymous ($20.00)
Arun Chandra Devan ($250.00)
Well done Zahaan! Excellent altruistic act in the service of others.
Tannaz Daver ($100.00)
Dilnavaz Manek Daver ($100.00)
Ronnie Ng ($50.00)
Good deed young man!
Phiroze Titina ($100.00)
Elaine Flynn ($100.00)
Way to go, Zahaan!
Chris Bogaars ($50.00)
Well done it is important to help the less fortunate
Anonymous ($100.00)
So proud of u, Zahaan
Lynda Lim ($100.00)
Nina Daver ($100.00)
All the very best Zahaan !!
Stephen Yeap ($50.00)
Roxana Daver ($150.00)
Looking cool and doing good! Well done Zahaan! Lila Cyrus Maya Roxana Peter
Parameshwar Mani ($100.00)
Zahaan, We admire your BALD statement. God Bless!
David Kirsten Zac Jacob Farrelly ($50.00)
Well done Zahaan!
Chirag Tanna ($200.00)
Way to go, Zahaan!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Eid Mubarak ! See you soon.
Ronald Gillies ($100.00)
Fantastic job Zahaan
Betty Sun-Lucas ($5.00)
Vasudha Girirajan ($50.00)
Keep up the good work Zahaan. Proud of you
Anonymous ($100.00)
Amazing what you’re doing Zahaan!
Akil Ahmed Ayub Nannooh ($75.00)
Brave of you Zahan to do this , proud of you.
Yuki Tomita ($100.00)
Monique Heah ($100.00)
Proud of you Zahaan!
Mirna and Mike Moctezuma-Trigg ($100.00)
Dear Zahaan, fantastic initiative. Wishing you all the best, and of course, a very happy birthday
Dileep Nath ($100.00)
Bravo Zahaan, great initiative! May the Force always be with you!
Dina Kaki ($50.00)
Audrey Phng ($150.00)
Z-Dog, rnC-dog is super duper proud to be your friend. Thank you for being so brave, so individual and such an amazing human being.